Tuesday, 27 August 2013


It may not be exactly an insult but l just might use that phrase. To add insult to the injury of the fact that barely a week ago, I was drowning somewhere in the outskirts of Kampala in birthday goodies and loveliness alone, it had ceased to be news that the world’s current dancehall don-Garfield Spence-commonly known by his alias Konshens was to stage another show in the Pearl Of Africa at Lugogo Cricket Oval. This was hardly before he had pulled crowds at “KAYADONDO” Rugby grounds, and this time with a lady I idolize to the letter in the love-reggae trade today-Alaine Laughton.

When it hit me that Alaine was to perform in Kampala alongside Konshens, things got a little too complex and personal. Alaine is one artist I have adored in person and obviously musically. I, alone and a few peeps, like four amongst my real peers that really understood what Alaine stood for when it came melodious love-reggae tunes.

To add icing to the cake, dating to March 2012, the least number of Alaine’s music that’s been on my phone playlist is 53 songs……in total….. I will have to recount because I keep on updating. The show drew closer and I was awed by how much people had become aware of her vocal prowess and talent.

P.S: The sole reason I paid for the concert was to go LOOK at Alaine perform.

Of course I had to be at the venue in time for a cool spot to make noise, get lucky and do karaoke to ALL songs she would perform. By all, I mean all the songs she has sang or even collaborated on because the lyrics are naturally in my head as I have listened to that music for quite a long time-longer than most of my peers’ relationships.

Alaine kicked off her show and our whole spot just went maaaaaaaaaaddd! There wasn’t a single song she sang that we did not do indomitable karaoke to and of course with our own versions of Dj Shiru mimic noises and mixing. Midway her performance, I noticed that right behind was a girl that was so deeply singing along as well and I had to say something. 070…..and 079……had to be part of the some things she said to me. (Up all night to get lucky) Alaine stopped the Dj guy, began doing a real live show and I felt so in love (confession). The keyboard moment was the peak of awesome during this whole performance. One thing is for sure that all the times she went live without the Dj, I was into the music and singing along and on two occasions, I found myself subject to line-outs (carried up above everyone else at the concert given the fact that I am already 6 ft 3 inches) all thanks to Jingo Tony and Kikomeko. There was just so much madness with this trio of ours. Wherever Wagaba Mike, Keyza Martin & Collins Nash disappeared to…………..God was seeing you!

Hurtfully, her time had to get done as Spence had to perform as well but as far I was concerned, so was my show-done! I felt like the Konshens time was a bonus!

PS: Alaine Laughton, please come back to Kampala soon.

Song of the evening – Forever More featuring Tarrus Riley……..though would have loved to listen to you perform Why Yuh Say Suh off the Bell foot Riddim and Us against the world off The King Riddim.

 Shout outs to the Alaine fans in Uganda and Pepsi Uganda for that wonderful gesture.