Wednesday, 21 August 2013



By now, it is not news that I am fanatic about the month in which I was born because, let’s face it, it is the best. Being an August baby simply means I was manufactured in November. November is obviously the month before the one that calls a year quits. I know that being manufactured in November is the best thing as it is phase one of Christmas shopping. The world is so excited about the birth of Jesus Christ and what better way to start preparations for Christmas than assure the Risen Christ of a soldier in the offing…………huh!!!!!!!

The ultimate August baby takes risks-reason being-this world is a nasty ecosystem that needs to be dared to get the best out of it. Look no further than America’s First Black President H.E Hussein Barack Obama. This is a nigga commanding the world’s largest and most equipped force and dealing with the most stubborn opposition in the Republicans, but as far as I am concerned, he is in his 5th year running.

Charming or Beautiful to everyone. Not to rub it in anyone’s face but we honestly didn’t choose this quality. It is a birth right. It is through this that August babies derive Strong will, a fighting spirit, rebellious when withheld because we just want to be in control. Case Study….Robin Van Persie…..Halle Berry…Mila Kunis……Ella Cruz…….

Everyone loves to take revenge. Well, we are no different. I detest anyone that deprives me of what I am willed just because they feel like doing it.

Loud and boisterous is a compliment I am not about to leave out because this is just exactly who I am. I, and my company love to be heard and 99.6% of the time, we are right and if you are in disagreement, the real August baby hates not being trusted.
Playful….mysterious….always a suspect. I mean, GUILTY!!!!! Everyone wants to live a good life so why not play when I can, pull a few awesome jokes around and on people because the last time I checked, You Only Live Once.
Not to mention....3 of the world's best designers are hia...Coco Chanel, Loius Vuitton,Yves St Laurent
Notables like Halle Berry, Napoleon Bonaparte,Cameron Diaz, Roger Federer, Neil Armstrong and my fav..Michael Jackson.