Friday, 6 September 2013


You are not African if you cannot come up with at least 10 lines to write about Nelson Mandela. It’s like a catholic priest without a rosary or The Missal and knows not The Blessed Virgin Mary. In other news, there is nothing left to say that is new because the whole world had a first on me on that one. I will probably say some few things with a twist to the rhetoric and English words.

Barely three months ago, more than 3 major media houses pronounced him dead succumbing to whatever they googled and deemed appropriate. Three months on, Nelly still smiles off, discharged from hospital with his condition describable in three words: improving-steady-critical.

Frail as he looks, Nelson “Madiba” Mandela is only 95 years young, though jail time at Robben Island and Victor Vaster Prison robbed him of 27 years of sanity. 27 years of jail time could be equivalent to a life sentence but shortened due to reformation if my law knowledge from Harvey Specter and Mike Ross is not failing me.

Nelson is not actually a birth name; it is a school name that his peers used to cover for his native Xhosa name. He is a Xhosa-so I guess he communicates in click sounds-whose maiden name is Rolihlahla. This name in English is loosely translated as “Trouble-maker” which may explain his anti-apartheid activity that earned him dinner in prison-table number 46664.

This must be the reason he is honored with five versions of knighthood, five honorary doctorates of Law, a Nobel Peace Prize and a mammoth other awards I am not about to start mentioning.

One thing is for sure though, the reason Morgan Freeman is still an actor is to portray in another movie as Rolihlahla Mandela.