Saturday, 26 October 2013


Case Study-Uganda!
The Lord has been generous enough to me and aided me to study and decipher the status quo to the letter.
               In the wake of the rampant events that have unfolded in neighboring Kenya, ranging from Uhuru Kenyatta’s presidential election victory-which was questioned by Raila Odinga ,obviously, Vice President William Ruto’s Grand Trial at The Hague concerning post-election violence that covered Kenya like a dark cloud after the Presidential elections in 2007-which he is alleged to have fuelled alongside one Mr Joshua Sang, and the most recent Worldwide headline “WESTGATE UNDER SIEGE”. The latter being a master mind of The Al Shabaab which left everyone questioning the morals of Terrorists.

               Would the current situation in Uganda have aided in overcoming all this had it befallen Uganda? Maybe I should draft a questionnaire that may help collect answers on different and rather intriguing aspects!
2040 VISION!
               In a nation that once had term limits to presidency, there were shorter term and achievable goals. Thanks to the current and never smart and always out of order Vice President of Uganda in Hon. Edward Ssekandi in his capacity as the Speaker of the 7th parliament, the term limits to presidency were lifted from two to zero. Actually, they were reduced to “to whom it may concern”. To add insult to injury, the president declared himself the “ONLY MAN WITH A VISION”. Therefore, he has non-visionary cabinet, parliament, judiciary, citizens that act at the command of his wand. In other words, are we having non-visionaries advising and enlightening the visionary? Where is the sense in this?
               So as to put the whole house in order, the LONGEST term goal/ plan ever had to be set for 2040. What happened to short and achievable goals? Is the 2020 plan too shallow? Will Uganda be patient enough to wait for a report from a 95+ year old visionary how this 2040 thing went down?????
               Interestingly, a reputable media house did publish matters of concern about a suggestive letter to the citizens getting the government on their tenterhooks. Since when did Uganda become a monarchy? Aren’t these rights reserved by the United Kingdom and Netherlands? Since when did inherited Presidency apply to a Republic? Later on, it was pronounced a hoax. Why then, was there panic? Does the Act on Press Juridistiction condemn and castigate publications of funny stories? On top of combating the media houses, the Police force ran a “MANUAL” search of a letter than was allegedly sent over e-mail!!!!!!!!!! I guess e-mails are kept in Shelves.
Naturally, I would say that bottle-necks in Uganda, but not anymore. Uganda is turning out to be a bottle-neck of sorts!!!!
                              TO BE CONTINUED………………………….