Tuesday, 19 November 2013


As early as after the release of the previous closest thing to fourth state material, I literally had 67% of my pals both in social and straight circles putting me on the guillotine accusing me of doing the “Judas Iscariot”! Having aced at that role, I was promoted to the role of “Jesus Christ” i.e. I was crucified. One claimed they want to be their LIVE with me. I didn’t think these two roles, on the most opposite of hemispheres, could really be pulled off by one character in the same-goddamn-movie. The resolution was everyone flooding my Twitter DM, Green greeting App messaging, Facebook inbox and apparently Nokia Ka-torch inbox with “Whats the proggie?” questions , which meant that the ploy for the weekend was set in bulk and it was running in plural hours. SPORTS BEACH-NAALYA HOSPITALITY-GILBERT-KYADONDO RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB.
The original plan was to go to Sports Beach, participate in the fundraiser Beach Handball tourney and have a good time. We got there in two shifts but shift one had more agenda items than prior planned by the Director of this particular. Shift two got there like 45 minutes later and what welcomed our eyes was not the best of sights you could wish for a Saturday afternoon at 3pm. Shift one had Michael, Nicholas, Jp, Nigel and a few ladies-completely unhealthy a side. They made the bar tenders look dumb as the speed with which they were propelling drinks their gullets and ordering for more was appealing. Driven by the one and only Mr.Guiness-Michael, they looked they were not about to stop. With this crowd, the stable clique looked the hopeless one. The party had kicked off quite earlier than expected and none of the party people seemed to slow down on any of this.
It was all fun and games until emcee Gava announced that Team Buffaloes (my team) was opening up the event against non other than far much more experienced side from Ndejje University. It was sobering up and believing and the sense of a result that we got out of this game was swallowing goals fit for a rugby game description. During team talk, we tried to look at one another for explanations on what had exactly happened but 99.5% of the team, substitutes and cheer beauties were high with the 0.5% compensating for my fighter and wiseacre brain. By the way, our cheer beauties were really at it because the outfits were as skimpy as where I wanted them and it did help boost the squad. This whole thing felt hopeless. It was one Aaron had heard my cry and therein ordered a PUNCH OF DEATH for me (Nile Special & Gilbeys). It forced me to the sand-seated. Not even coca-cola could do the Jesus-Lazarus thing on me because I was sky-rocketting-literally. Having been able to match all the high levels of my pals, it was game time.
Game: Stand on one leg and let the other hang in the air
Players: Michael, Nicholas, Lewis, Baluku Alfred and the sponsor.
Relationship status: all high on not sure what!!!
Prize: First to release buys a round.

I had been thru this before and however Wiz Khalifah-d I can be, I could never lose such a game. It was just a matter of time before someone had lost their balance and off to the counter we were because like the rules stipulated exactly that! Only the Lord knows and can justify what we said 15 minutes after that trip. I am glad I don’t recall a thing within those fifteen because I am sure it was a bag of gabbage.
Game two of the handball tourney came around and we were not in any better shape to take on even the worse team which made us the best candidate for the worst team that had turned up. I promise we would have been better contenders had Michael Senyos drawn a rather different agenda for the evening.
We spent the rest of the day spinning around GILBERT while others tried out their talent at Volley ball. The tourney came to an end later in the evening and at least we could brag about having the Tourney’s MVP in JP and this was more than enough a send off to Naalya. Yes-Naalya was the next stop because we were being hosted by another club at what has been branded #Hospitality.

Still don’t know how but we managed to get Naalya, late as always but the strategy of coming late is too sum up the boredom with suave then kickstart the fun with pomp. Everyone on the voyage had two mutual questions on arrival. 1. Where is the food? 2. Where are the drinks?
Since they were bought to be given to us, well, why not get ourselves drowned. Each and every one of us ate to their fill and made sure that the one hand was holding a drink and the other making sure they were doing the dance very well. The trinity was full again as Nicholas and Tonny J were at this joint too-just that they were not with us literally. People were doing or I think even trying to master the 6:30 and 10 O’clock dance moves from Macka Diamond’s Dye Dye, Pasa Pasa moves made famous by Shaggy, brukking and doing the inner slide introduced by Bbosa Collins. I can say that our own Dj Mish Mas wanted to get onto the decks and we had to use excess force to hold him back because he always has this plan of keeping you on until the devil’s hour and yet the following was Sunday-we all had to get to church. It went as far as some not finding enough space within the dancefloor and went to the paw paw tree that was close to the gate. I saw you.

From there-on, I admit I don’t remember a thing and I only wish the girl would love to remind me. We were up all night and day to get lucky.

The following day was a Gilbert plan at Kyambogo……………..then the after project at Kyadondo Rugby Club featuring Pork steaks on the house!

                        You guys were the best…til next time.