Monday, 21 April 2014


Following the success and sentiment hovering over the Christmas fun package at Sonrise home in Jinja, the bar had been set pretty high for whatever was to follow up as a project. The very brains behind Sonrise began to cook up there and then as to what service was to be done and where. This didn’t last so long as we are invited by Rotaract Club of Busitema to help out conduct a double service-Literacy and Hygiene Drive! Such was an idea that did not need second or even third thought to consider because it was very opportune and just what the social network forum needed.
Next on the plate was how to solicit for funds and how we was to conduct this not so easy task. Through the traditional fundraisers-Gamers’ night, Karaoke night, movie night and joint fellowship fundraisers. Not before long, the awaited weekend for departure was here. 4th April to 6th April 2014 was the action time. Did I mention that we were to engage Rotary at Busitema College-Primary School? At first hearing, there was extreme irony in this name, but we were in this not for the name rather make happy the lives and livelihoods of the young spirits.
Set off time had been set at 1800 HRS but I guess that was just a head start affair as time has proven the worst enemy African man has ever had, or is it? It seemed the delay was part of the programme going by what was pronounced later as the schedule we had to follow. We departed from Centenary Park at about 2100HRS with a very noisy and boisterous bus and I will forever praise the Lord that let us pass by all Traffic enforcers without any interruption. The Chair and his favorite table were in full noise format as they made it their sole job to jibe at every individual on the bus and not a single comment was easy. They were well engineered that they repeatedly sent the entire bus into ululation, even the attacked parties had to applaud. At about 2300HRS, we crossed the River Nile and headed into the Kyabazinga’s realm-the land of the Chapatti. Just around Njeru, next to the Breweries, our bus saw it fit to have a flat tyre. Who gets a flat tyre at 2300HRS? Who does that? According to the programme, we had to stop by Queens’ Palace and do a few wine and jiggle before we headed out to the Far East. Therefore, flat tyre or no flat tyre, we had to check in. We hoped into matatus that led us to this joint and left our chair and his driver to fix their flat. Checked in not so much feeling the vibe but 15 minutes began playing those songs that make the lame walk and before we knew it, we had turned the place upside down. Everyone else stopped whatever they were doing and stared at this mad crew of people that had taken the club by storm. The club couldn’t handle right then. It spurred a spirited and energetic 3 hours of whining and jiggling and it is only safe to say we were lucky Dj Mis Mas did not set foot next to the decks otherwise we would all be unready for the project the following morning.                                                                                                            
Time check: 0200HRS our bus’ tyre is no longer flat and off to Busitema we were, all tired and drained and obviously sleepy and 2 hours later, we reached our destination. We wasted no time in setting up tents, dived into them and dreamt away in absolute comfort!
Life can mean to be so mean that at 0700HRS, there was staunch Prophet Mohammed follower that began his routine prayers as we were later told that woke the entire crew up, grumbling. After more than an hour of cleaning up, chair finally appeared and requested us to get to the Breakfast service point-to which we obliged because we were as hungry as hungry could be. It was served by, I have to confess, beautiful Busitema girls, and some of the guys opted to go for “double” just to say “hi” over and over and try to make small talk. That was one of the satisfactory bits of the breakfast, it was the heavy optical nutritional satisfaction. When this got done, we headed to Busitema College-Primary School and damn the welcome to which we were treated was so overwhelming and flattering that all the ladies in our company shed a tear. As if the welcome was not enough, we were entertained by raw talent music presentation, challenging the bread winning acts of people like Iryn Namubiru, Cindy, Rabadaba which forced some individuals off their seats in applause and others joined them in singing and dancing. Nothing was more embarrassing than the fact that these little ones knew the East African anthem by heart and none of us had the slightest of ideas that there was one, all we did was hum along. Then came the boring legal formalities of introducing one another. Not so long afterwards, we engaged with the pupils here with Scholastics-that is just as far as the boys could go. Some Rotaractors even had to steal books from the Busitema pupils as if they were the project, just for a Kodak moment. Not forgetting, there were also sweets given out to these angels, story books, pens, pencils, chalk to the administration. The girls then took over with that hygiene talk to the young ones about using sanitary towels and *something* taps.

 Amidst all this, the boys had banished from where these lessons were conducted but we were too stubborn to leave-we also wanted to learn. We thereafter got so personal with the kids, the school administration. It was getting late and everyone was now operating on borrowed energy as our stomachs demanded re-fill, so we headed back to the diner. I can swear that people were so hungry that they barely said that opening meals prayer. That is how bad it was. After a sumptuous meal, everyone looked for their comfortable sleeping condos though some got woken up by the 4 minute rain.
Time check 2000HRS Fellowship with Rotaract Club of Busitema is on and is chaired by President Stanley who is soon to be IPP as this doubled as an installation of the next president. And there was cake! This fellowship was for being attentive as there were certificates also to be awarded to the organizing committee for pulling off such an amazing job. After all this, supper was served and then it was time for our own Dj. Dj Mis Mas set up his machines and at about 2200HRS, he started scratching his ones and twos setting the crowd ablaze. Just when you would think he was done and out of real music to play, he dropped in just that track that left everyone shouting *That’s my song* which left me wondering how so applicable the copyright law. This madness went on for the next four hours and we had UMEME to thank for the return of sobriety as they pulled a clever one on us and left us in the dark. You would think everyone was tired and ready to retire for the night but alas, there was tribunal. The fireplace was so in order, but again, the heavens opened up sending all of us to slumber at our different places of comfort. Whatever happened there in-between, I can’t recall.
09 00HRS is the earliest time the early birds were up on Sunday and only 5 people made it to mass that morning, myself inclusive. After the service, we were left with one thing on the agenda. We had to climb up Tororo Rocks. We were all ecstatic to climb up these jagged edges but just 5% up, we were all panting for out unfit bodies. Being in the company of fighter ladies, this was no time to quit but time to Push Harder and 30 minutes later, we were all atop Tororo of course except a few cases that never had the stomachs to view the world from that high. With all the fatigue, we all imagined those movie scenes where we could all jus dive back to the flat ground from where we had started off, or better still “GOGOLO”!!!!

 15 minutes later, the last entourage made it down and we headed back to pick our belongings and come back to the capital of Jennifer Musisi-the Land of Tear Gas.

It was that kind of weekend whose derived happiness comes second to none. To all that made it possible, a myriad thank yous for your efforts.