Monday, 12 May 2014


The American Pie movie franchise has had a series of movies on its code name, with The Naked Mile being one of them but it wasn’t even my favorite. My favorite was the Band camp: Beer pong. The slyness of that piece was something else and given that I watched at the age when my manly hormones were the Diego Costa in front of the goal mode, it surely, was a hit. Let me save the world my adoration for Band camp and jump straight in the middle of what I wanted to share my ideas about.
Not so long ago, to be specific, half a dozen days ago on a particular cold night, the boys of Lumumba Hall in Makerere University accompanied by their solidarity better halves in Mary Stuart girls made a huge statement to officially open their Culture Week with an amazing race dubbed “The Naked Mile”. The culture week is send off for the finalists at campus. After a combined meeting between the LUMBOX (Lumumba and Box)-Box is an acronym for Mary Stuart because of its structure-faithful on how to run their culture week, these ladies and gentlemen set off for the Naked Mile. The guys were clad in vests and sports shorts and there was no exception of dress code for the ladies as they donned vests for tops and play shorts, and for those who couldn’t help, there were pum pum shorts.
While in full voice of the Lumbox anthems and all the hymns that helped Bwowe win the seat for Guild Presidency, around the university campus ran the students. First noise and disturbance victims were the girls of Complex Hall as the rowdy LUMBOX faithfuls tried to rally the former to join them on this night run. When that got done, around the rest of the halls in the campus is how the program lay while stopping at different hall gates and singing LUMBOX anthems to affirm the superiority of the LUMBOX solidarity around Makerere and I am tempted to say Uganda, plus Ghana where the greatest man Patrice Lumumba was born.
The winner and close to climax was the stop over at Livingstone hall. When the LUMBOX crusade heard music from the lawns of Livingstone, they crept straight into them and joined the wine down party. It was so on point not only with the candle-lit theme but also with the fact that the Lumumba boys had moved with their Mary Stuart counterparts and upon arrival, the DJ played that sensual Busy Signal and Chronixx.
After causing mayhem in “the land of gentlemen”, next on the agenda for the night was the Usain Bolt Sprint to the swimming pool. It was a question of Boys Vs Girls at pacing. The catchiest statement was from a boy who proudly said “I pay UGX 1000 for Sports every year and never use it, but tonight, I’m diving and giving Michael Phelps a run for his money”. The entrance to the swimming pool was under lock and key but this is something that couldn’t deter the LUMBOX crusade from accessing the pool. And after a good 30 minutes of swimming with 78% of the trekkers on the narrow end of the pool, everyone was tired and cool enough to return to their places of residence and sleep.
A few days later, major news channels in Uganda blew the event out of proportion and this propelled the Dean Of Students to “suspend” the event.
DISCLAIMER: We didn’t run around naked like some news channels and Dean understood us to have been, though it is one hell of an experience that inspired new non LUMBOX members to join in another.
Eeeeh Naked Mile!!!! Eeh  Lumumba !!!!! Oyeeee Eeeh Box !!!!!!! Oyeeee Eeh LUMBOX Oyeeee!!!!!!