Monday, 16 June 2014

World Cup Ku Samba

Probably the largest sports event in today's world is upon us. Four years on from the loudest World Cup ever, thanks to Vuvuzelas, Le Coupe de Monde was back. If you think that Napoleon was a conquerer, please think again. La Roja of Spain climbed to the summit of football with their Euro 2008 crown, went on to dent Dutch hopes and lift the World Cup in 2010, and even defend their European crown after out classing the slow boat of Italy.

With the 2014 Competition first approaching, the Confederation cup was a very nice mouth wash of the main course to come a year later. The Spaniards were trodding over everyone until the point they met Captain Neymar and crew who had totally different ideas about who would be in charge thereafter.

The World Cup in Brazil is one not to look at plainly. The whole thing about Brazil takes me back to the days of Supa Strika comic books when Shakes Fimbo had to take on Darinho under the guidance of Coach Golari, training on quick sand, the belly whining latinos and stuff. Darinho was straight world Gaucho, as Golari was current manager Scolari. The irony and fun those comics created.

The stars that wont feature at this at the event can actually field a squad and whoop the hell out of the attendees. I am talking Falcao, Reus, Ibrahimovic, Kaka, Gundogan, etc. All that talent wont Samba the ball this summer.
We actually have 33 teams at this year's competition: the original 32 and The Harambe Stars of Kenya who managed to show up in Rio-just to watch and be around. They are registered passive participants, meanwhile H.E YK M7 "paid" for World Cup rights to be broadcast on national TV so we could watch for free in our houses and vote for him in 2016. We see what you did there Mr M7.

The opening round has shown us a glimpse of what promises to be a surprise-filled tourney. Brazil, the hosts had to hang onto Ref Nishimura for controversial decisions to go their way, defending Champions were floored by their 2010 finalist counterparts in Netherlands with the World Claiming "Tiki taka has been buried" by Louis Van Gaal and crew. Not forgetting Robin Van Persie's flying header. The highlight of the event so far with many calling it the goal of the tournament already. Messi-led Argentina had to hang on late to grab 3 points from tournament debutants Bosnia. It has been a world cup of own goals and penalties so far.

African countries are not showing up at all, which is now a cliche and boring story but 1 billion fans always remain optimistic for a miracle from Algeria, Ghana, Cameroun, Ivory Coast, Nigeria. I can never add Kenya to that list.

All said and done by the time 13th July dawns upon us, I am sure the two best teams will be in the Maracana to give us the game of the tournament, not forgetting Netherlands 5-1 demolition of Spain in a repeat of 2010 final showdown.

May the best team win. I am vouching for Argentina though.