Wednesday, 27 August 2014


So humble an initiative, a few people with the major leadership of a soul known to his peers as Jimmy, the Cancer Charity Foundation home was started in Najjanankumbi as a safe haven where people suffering from cancer were tended to, given that extra care and treatment.There was that specific moment according to the Old Testament that tells us that Moses’ calling came to him as a burning bush and well, God appeared to other young souls through something that was burning, but not a bush though. It was a burning desire to make, and impact positivity in the world we are living in. Around July 2012, they put a lot of use to their time by joining on the team with the Haven home in Najjanankumbi. Through identifying their financial, social, economic and psychological strengths and prowess, resources were garnered here and there and before one knew it, visits to the home were as prompt and rampant as pollinators to flowers ready for pollination.With all the hype and energy at the home, there was need to get a larger and more serene environment for the patients to be in, feel at home, and be in peace. The home relocated a well spaced and managed neighborhood in Kyebando. With a bigger home, huge efforts were required to extend the spirit generated from the Najjanankumbi home to the new home. Being the dot com citizens that we have become, the not so “selfish” volunteers took to social media with the hashtag #RandomSelfieCampaign where one would post their “selfie” with that hashtag to promote awareness of the home and what happens at the home. This campaign was received with open arms by many people on different social media platforms with many on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram making it a point to have at least a post per day and marking their staunch membership with the home.Saturday, 16th August 2014 was the date set to go to the home and have a good chatty time with the patients there. Obviously as well, different people were eager to meet the other people on the campaign as them. Aboard the transport vehicle, one could easily the uneasy atmosphere but a few individuals made it their solo plan to jibe at each of the volunteers in the spirit of getting acclimatized with them and this yielded positive results in the end. Getting to Kyebando, the visiting team was like an army of red ants moving about and making sure the home was tidy. People were already clenching on brooms, others brushes, all in an effort to make the home clean.A little while later, it was that time of free interaction with everybody around. The sight of strangers getting comfortable with each other at that moment could only be rivaled by the return of Jesus, so priceless. Then of course, there was that Kodak moment where the girls took selfies from position to position, while the boys looked on. As for our friends, the patients, smiles were all lit and tearing from their lips.It is such a blessing in disguise that around the time of existence of this home, the Rotary Organisation in Uganda has decided to build, complete and fund a new cancer ward in Nsambya. This is an initiative, with a lot of help in the direction that coincides with the existence of the home. It is an absolute statement to make but it is stamped by over 40 people and I can affirm that all members of the (CCF) Cancer Charity Foundation have pledged full participation in the Rotary Cancer Run 2014 slated for 31st August, 2014.Don’t be left outside the #RandomSelfieCampaign craze and register for #RotaryCancerRun2014 and let us kick out cancer!!!