Monday, 15 September 2014


     The jargon of the boxing ring, even Golola's ring is quite interesting per say. Whoever came up with upper cut, left hook slang of today's world deserves...well nothing. It was just another day in office for them and they put together two or more english words to form their concoction which is now jargon.
     Up until 3 weeks ago, that kind of language was just a TV and Sports' analyst view to me. It mattered to the likes of Mugume, Golola, Mayweather and the big brother Evander Holyfield. After a pretty eventful Birthday eve shared with friends at a cancer home, who wouldn't want to have a light after party at Legends Bar? Like really, who wouldn't? Well, I was no exception. I checked into the bar with the mainest man, Mis Mas, jus to get a few drinks & maybe stretch the body muscles in the spirit of dancing. So worn down were the bodies and we had to give in. The best idea was to head home. Transport having departed to Naguru, it was for hooking Bajaajes. As if to cause worry, there wasn't a single cycle in the vicinity. Whether worn down as hell, we had to trek to the main road and get us a Bajaaj to wherever we were going. 3 metres on the road with music in ma ears and chatting with the bro, we got attacked from behind us by two human beings. Mis Mas's strong hair trigger had suspected people pacing faster towards us but the Burna Boy in my ears couldn't let me give a damn of my environment. Next thing I knew, I had received a hard punch on my left jaw. The human was trying to reach out to my wallet & phone. Through all this mix up, Mis Mas had surged forward and started hurling stones at the robber-imposters. One stone caught the head of one of them who signalled to the other that their attempt was foiled and he was badly hurt. With all the terror, I boarded a straight flight to Zana while Mis Mas got one to Makindye.
     On went the days and we were narrating the escapade whenever chance arose. Little did I know, I had a return leg of the same kind. A very innocent & uneventful Saturday evening found me setting up an appointment with Mrs Awesome at Kyadondo for a few steaks & bottles. On disembarking the taxi at the stage, I helped the conductor to count my balance with my phone light and this is the only evidence my predators needed. The taxi sped off and just 4 seconds later, I felt a thud of a blow on my right eye. It was a déjà vu but still not. This had happened and was happening, again!!! I was forced to clench hard at my phone and powered my way to the main road with immense energy, atleast I was convinced it was immense. I was lucky there were no speeders in the road. Far off at the entrance of Kyadondo, I heard one say "Oyo omuyaaye abadde steady" loosely.translating as "That hommie was steady". Just as I was at the entrance, I had cries of woman that had lost her bag to these thugs. I couldnt help but laugh with survivor swagger & aura sorrounding me. When I told Mrs Awesome of what had ensued outside, she was in shock to see me still sober & sane.
    Owing to these injustices, I have decided to make the most of my sporting time and strengthen up!! I cannot let myself suffer so much.

You can laugh at my pain!!!!!! Don't you dare pity me!!! Till next story......