Thursday, 16 October 2014


  Uganda has not so long ago celebrated 52 years of independence and that is not something one just overlooks. The nation has really come of age. Their are lots of reason to celebrate.

Having to write something patriotic though or atleast make believe, coming from two straight losses to a not so good Togolese side, will make seem a stubborn cry baby. This has nothing to do Coach Mulitin's side at all. That soccer side has brought Uganda joy in it's own way but I don't want to get ahead of myself.

The three colors of the Uganda flag as understood by me:


I refuse to relate that to our skin color as anticipated. For Pete's sake, Zari, Mya Baganda, Zuena Kirema, Daniella Atim and many more are not "Black" but are Ugandans. Therefore, no, nedda, no stereotyping. Rather, black shall signify Ugandan Night activity. I am of the hope that many of us remember that Bobi Wine line in a song that featured Busoga's finest Mega Dee, Straka's ex Bae Sizzaman and other artistes. The song was titled "Inna Di Dance" and the self proclaimed Ghetto Gladiator went on to say in Luganda

       "Mu Kampala, ekibuga kya Katonda, bwebuziba, buly'omu afuuka vampire"

  loosely translated as

" In Kampala, God's Holy City, when night falls, everyone becomes a vampire".

Forget the Twilight vampires that "Bling-Up" when in the sun, I am talking the ruthless kind of Dracula, Klaus Mikaelsen that burn up when in contact with the sun. They are only comfortable to interact and wander about when the night falls.
Back to the matter, night life is something deeply embedded in our systems and DNA. The night awakens lots of demons and amongst them are Ugandans. It don't matter where the party is at, we (yeah, I am Ugandan) shall find it and turn it up. Not even the twin  bombings at Ethiopian village and Kyadondo Rugby Club in 2011 (not in a bad way) could stop our Party Turn Up as these places are always getting filled with people every other day.

On the eve of this year's Independence day, the party was imminent. Though, the skies did not want to know. God washed his hands and this caused the heavens to open up with showers. You would think that this would cut the attendance in clubs but even in the rain at 2:45am, people were still checking in at that famous Kololo Club, Panamera. That, just redefined the black on flag to another level.

[A moment of silence to pray for the souls of those that perished in the twin bombings in 2011]


This would give me the right to call Ugandans light. I was almost tempted to suffix light with "skinned." Glad I did not. For starters, look at our President, he is light. I will forever argue he is. To add icing to that cake, his party is yellow too. This just gets more impressive by the minute. Another  example from our light race is omuwala Bad Black aka Shanitah Namuyimba from Buganda Kingdom. I promise to delete you from my friend circles if you don't acknowledge her natural "yellowness." One would willingly take back the "black man continent" comment just by looking at Lady Bad Black.

I also appreciate the fact that our national football team coach is yellow. He makes football coaching seem cool. He is actually a movie star. I genuinely appreciate the fact that our team has a movie star for a manager. You will all bear me witness here: Coach Micho (Mulitin Sredojovic) looks like the slimmer version James Bond actor, Daniel Craig, on those #CranesNamutima billboard ads.

As if that's not enough, matooke is also yellow. Uganda must be like God's coolest yellow nation. The yellow matooke nation. We are cool like that.


After consulting with google, I discovered that Guinness is red. From naked eye view, I would state otherwise but since I need that Wizkid ticket, I will be on my best behaviour. So what makes up for red? Hhmmm, have you realised that the new Uganda Football cranes' sponsor is red. They even had the notion of changing the national team colors to red. I bet the only happy person about that move was H.E Olarr Otunn!

It would be crazy to talk about red and not surrender to the existance of blood. This blood is a pact we all share but this only happens when we are all smiles and winning. A national loss at any stage is never taken lightly. This is when one realises that our blood is as dilute as the "milk" served in primary schools. The brotherhood ceases to be visible when losses come into the picture.

This has been the story for 52 years. It is now a culture. What a rich culture! I would be damned if I did not toast to this milestone. For Solidarity's sake, join me as we toast RED Guinness to Ugandan YELLOW-ness and this is all going down at our favorite time, the BLACK vampire time.


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