Monday, 13 October 2014


   I have grown up in a neighbourhood that has labelled me the proud kid. Not even at church am I to let down the crown: I say hi to absolutely no one. Whenever I need to get something from the kiosk, my earphones are my partner in crime, always in full base blast. I never saw a twist to this story at all. "Oh the things you'll learn" that MTN kid has seemed to haunt more times than even the letters making up the word.
   There is an old Buganda proverb about the old folks being custodians of knowledge. And it was that saying that I got to learn up. Saturday found me in a jolly mood, minding less about Namboole because Entebbe road was traffic jam free and the beach was expecting me. I made a stop over in Zana, home base, just for just. Not exactly home though, but Flavia's. Flavia is a very good friend of mine by the way, though she needs a brain transplant. Back to the matter, I was greeted by calm in the home, food was even offered to me. By all means, I was to open up and become chatty. Food does things to me. The man of the house was in and in no time he had engaged me in the prototype convo of "A man has to be responsible for anything around him." Given the fact that I was dining, that was bribery enough for me to listen.
    The feeling of being on the "Table Of Men" derives bliss. And no, I am not talking about my love for guinness. Nostalgia was setting in. Our talk ranged between politics and education. I had had numerous debates with my peers about the topics but the Zana Veteran had totally different ideas. Points that carried tonnes of sense were flying from left to right and it is important to note they were not flying aboard a Malaysian plane. They reached home safe. One stand out was the argument of educational foundation. Step forward HSC Arts  students. Mathematics is an essential in all aspects of life but Arts' students were until of recent skipping it. When at "campus," the latter just look agape as if looking at the "resurrected" formerly Ebola patient from Liberia. The demon, Mathematics, is obviously the only thing to raise such moments and cause one's blood to flow faster than the turbines in Jinja. The Maths foundation from HSc is missing hence early hell. That alone was enough for me to appreciate the knowledge of this elder of mine. It also got to the choices of schools but that is a debate whose dust shall never settle.
   It is in Ugandan DNA to talk politics when in conversation and ours was no exception. I am not so  acclimatized with that world though and will choose to leave out the pointers for another time. None the less, I shall stress that foundations in education are paramount for the formation of an intelligent being