Sunday, 19 October 2014


The twilight movie was literally not all that. Never the less, "twilight" as a scenary is so beautiful. It is a nice time to hang out with the loved one. Forget the coastal beaches with mermaid water and feeling, the twilight at Ugandan beaches is to die for. There wasn't a better occassion for these two to meet than at the beach in the day's winding hours.

Hakim had met Diana over the inexorable internet. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't over a dating site. It was one of those random twitter conversations that got really raunchy and culminated into number swaps. Diana wasn't hesitant to give Hakim the numeros. On more than one occassion, they hoped they would meet but either he would be out of town or she would be loaded at work. "This is it," Hakim thought to himself, "I have to keep it natural and calm and  make a lasting impression on D." Yes, it had gotten to that level. He had abbreviated her name to that letter.

He got to the rendez-vous place earlier, just like any gentleman would, to wait for Diana. Twenty minutes and an Alvaro bottle later, she made it to the meet. Hakim could not hide his excitement. His coy smile gave him away. Her beauty made this draconian crash on him and he could not resist the embrace she offered in salutation. It would have turned out to be awkward but her opening line just set the ball rolling with high momentum.

Diana : So you chose to meet at this time because the Dj is almost turning this up and you want to dance "mosquito no pass" huh

She had gotten him offguard. Never the less, it was a befitting stand to kick off an evening. With the sun winding down smoothly, gently kissing the blue horizon, piercing the skies and world with tender brown rays, everything was unfolding according to plan. It was getting chilly so he drew out his arm, held her closer to him and played the "knight in shining armour." Neither could tell who was in a more comfortable place than the other. Naturally, the voices toned down with respect to the sorrounding and music. There were lots of random laughter and giggles. Their traditionally set revellers looked on in amusement. According to them, this was only restricted to the movies and to whites. HD didn't want to know what the world thought.

It gets very tricky when two dancers come together. Diana had a "bubble butt" so intact and she knew for a fact that it caused accidents wherever she passed. Hakim had these cool dance moves and would have excelled at his Bachelor's degree of Arts in Dancing had there been one. They took to the dancefloor and wound down to a number of tunes from the music set with Hakim acing at the role of whispering sweet nothings to her ears.

D: You could have all of me.
H: Who exactly? Diana, Diane or D?
D: Well, the three of us.
H: Well, that will surely make me one lucky Hadji. Call me Hakim.

Hakim is the name the gentleman got labelled after that evening. It has been an amazing week to be a lover of Ugandan writing. #UgBloggers7Days has exposed me to great writers these past 7 days and I am glad I have a daily subscriber to this challenge. What next? Let me go narrate to my Surveying lecturers how I have skipped assignments while blogging.