Tuesday, 14 October 2014


    I be here contemplating on how to start this piece. Last evening, I left off at a point from where I was to carry on today. Voilà! I feel like a P.5 Maths teacher that left the class with home work yesterday and as supposed to be checked today. I bet Clever J had the same feeling after releasing Manzi Wanani (Wako). Well, I am back & he aint.
    Lights: Camera: Action: Enter "Manster" Ssemujju.

          Hello Class, I left you with Home work on Supplementary and.Complementary angles, binary base and ratios. If you don't have the work, I will be caning you number by number.

   That is the swagger I have beneath me. I left off last evening from a point of discussing politics and schools with foundations. I still refuse to discuss schools.
  Let's talk politics. For starters, I am a political failure, but please don't look down on me. I have held high offices of power. I was class monitor even in my F6. I was voted by the people, for the people, of the people. That is the kind if thing Hon Ken Lukyamuzi would say, no lies. I used to exercise my power and made sure the class was swept on time, class made noise. Yes, noise was made as a result of multiple discussions.
   I had had the weirdest and most random notion of persuing a higher political office. I vied for Mail & Information Prefect not because I used to be a regular with the mailing lieutenants but because I wanted everyone to be as smartly informed as I was. My would be voters did not want to know. You would mistake them for Councillor Byandala during the oust of Lord Mayor Erias. Silvester, my opponent used these fancy words during the final campaigns and all I could was applaud him. That was the expression on my face. Deep down, I wanted to do the Jean Claude Van Damme "Kalaudio" kick to his face. He had used my own ammunition against me. Yes, Arsenal had used "tiki taka" to beat Barcelona. How dare he trample over fresh political career? It was over before it could even flagged off. With whichever "amagogomous" word of his, came wild ululations from the crowd. It was too much for me and more embarrassing that I had to take the campaign podium after his rants. What was I to say? Why is the world so cruel? This is when I realised I had no idea about what I was doing. Though, being a prefect would have given that authority to hand out those ridiculous punishments:
   Sweep and scrub the path from Reesinch to the DH.
   Mop the grass.
   Collect sunlight in a cup
    Sweep from Hanlon to Campling!
I missed that joy. Oh well!!

  How do shadow politicians put up with losing though? I doubt the Shadow president has the mandate to fire a shadow PM. Does he? The dirt on the political plate attracts people instead of repelling them. How Ironic! Before I sign out, can I be shadow Lord Mayor. I have brilliant ideas for a carnival. It shall be for a whole week, with enough KYADONDO, your favorite rolex guys too. If you insist, we shall have A Pass sing Tuli Kubigere.
  I have no idea about what is written above.