Tuesday, 21 October 2014


It was just like any other Monday. The first day of work that practically everyone likes not. The student faction of the world obviously shares that sentiment. It is a back to class ting dis.

"Omuzungu yaleeta okusoma banange"

Nothing makes sense when it comes to going class. Many of us would rather sleep. As for the weekend party animals, it was a reminder that merry making was done and a new hustle awaited them ahead.

While I was feeling so destructive and unconstructive, slandering football players from left to right, a friend told me of a Bloggers Challenge under the theme #UgBloggers7Days. I was convinced this was my kind of thing. My inner self was convinced a post a day would be just another walk in the park.

The "Lived Happily Ever After" relationship I was having with this theme did not last as long as it should have. At the start of Day 4, I realised what I had become party of was nolonger a challenge, it was war. The level of creativity has to double. The thinking had to be dagger-sharp. I had to find a way. Sadly, it is in such trying moments that many of us remember to play Don Moen's God Will Make A Way. I was no exception. I am not the usual kind that bows out of challenges without making it to the finishing line.

You can mess with anything else, but not the ego of an African man. I will task you to count how many people have failed to repent after attacking and questioning Tamale Mirundi's, Kahinda Otafiire's, M7's & Hon Odonga Otto's masculine ego. They are as many as miniscule, probably negligible. My ego was now in the driver's seat. The brain was in navigator's seat directing the way. The brain pestered the ego for accepting a challenge without investigation and the latter's response was that he was aware the former could handle this.

Amidst all the struggle and colorful comments coming after each blogpost, the Lord was merciful enough to see me through to Day 7. And oh, one of the posts got me to meet an admirer and we are going for Rolex & TV chicken pretty soon. That is how good the climax of this session was.

I have been blogging for now close to 16 months and I saw that as a window to widen my reader scope, activate my blog, and use all comments and criticism to ameliorate my writing. I can simply look back on a wonderful week and bless the brains behind #UgBloggers7Days. It was really fun.