Sunday, 16 November 2014


Whereas I consider myself to be a pretty good listener, I must say for most of the talks that I've listened to, I've noticed a monotony about and as a result, have had inconclusive mind conflicts. Yesterday, however, I sat down and listened to this gentleman speak and within the first 10 minutes of his delivery quickly thought to myself, "Wow...he is actually speaking to me". I picked a lot from it but there's just one particular subject that I want to bring your attention to.

Your thoughts : the energy you allow into your mind space. There are times when I've racked my brains thinking about the very ridiculous human fascination about what the next person is up to. I mean, you wake up and think to yourself, [one of the things I will try to accomplish today is find out where Gabbie will be, with whom,doing what and why...and there after I will make my own deductions ] ,like what are you? The C.I.A? We are all Nancy Drews now,huh?

I've however come to accept that as much as this is a very unsettling human trait that has perhaps gotten us all upset at a certain point in life, let's face it; this particular fascination, you cannot stop and here's why:

1. There is not a human society anywhere on mother earth that has no individuals with this trait.

2. We are society and society is us.

This is where you come in: because you are in complete control of your mental facility (well at least most of us are), you also can choose what thoughts you want to focus on, and which ones you don't want to give your energy. Are you going to dwell on worrying about who has what opinion of you or are you going to let everyone have their opinion without worrying what the next person thinks they know about you? I will now leave you with the words of former American Basketball Coach and player,John Robert Wooden : "Be more concerned with your character than your reputation."

Till next time i remain yours truly,