Tuesday, 2 December 2014


You wouldn't need to look at the calendar to know that the end of the year is nigh. The general atmosphere is a cheap sell out. All manufacturers are product branding the festive season way, and wishes are flying all over the media. It is very easy to tell that December is already upon us.

Now that December is here, we cannot give it back, but rather embrace it. That big belly guy with a white long beard is almost riding out his reindeers and give gifts to everyone and also grant people's wishes. Being the African child that I am, I am so skeptical about this entire tale. Santa must be the richest and most gifted person there is and there ever will be, not even Rockefeller can come close. I think just because it doesn't snow in Zana, that is why I never see Santa. Probably, I will need to relocate to Chicago sometime and also watch the City that made Michael Jordan, the reverse being true.

Growing up, I always looked forward to this season because my Dad was at his most generous around this time granting most of my requests. He always turned up with those then "cool" clothes and toys for me. The story is totally different  right now but that will be a story for another day. The Home Alone Movie sequels will always crack me up regardless of the number of times I watch Kevin pull pranks on those robbers. I can proudly report that there is no better time to catch all those movies for free than at this moment when all our local broadcasters are relaying them. I can only look forward to hours of hearty laughter.

Whereas it gets all rosy as the year  comes to a climax, the student contingent is at the most boring. While we (of course I am a student)  were partying away and rocking to Dj KasBaby's or Dj Aludah's playlists, the books weren't being loyal. They never read themselves. And December being Exam time, retakes are not a thing to look forward to or brag about. Therefore, the libraries, common & reading rooms are in business for about two and a half weeks. In the halls of residence, the dining halls are also turned to reading halls.  Whereas our playlists used to have a lot of Burna Boy, One Republic, A Pass & Wizkid, around this time, Hillsongs is our playlist favorite as we invoke the soon to be born Saviour for salvation in advance. It is true what they say, NISI  DOMINUS , loosely translated as: "Without God, Nothing Is Possible," and He has been there to see us through many of such times.

With the twelfth month already on, I can only thank and bless the Lord for bringing us thus far and maybe ask him to bless us more, not forgetting the Uganda Cranes. To the students, this is me wishing us all success. But remember.........NISI DOMINUS