Wednesday, 3 December 2014


So the festive month is upon us; the year is almost coming to a big halt and as is the culture, the world gets ready to celebrate. Whether the Lord coupled with fate have been sweethearts blessing you left, right & centre or not, you ought to hit a party-esque mood when this time turns up.

A few weekends ago in the US, they had their traditional turkey-themed Thanksgiving and believe it or not, a few of our folks here jumped onto that bandwagon & celebrated thanksgiving as well.  The question of whether they actually understood it's origin or purpose I will leave to you, but hey, this is Uganda; we shall jump on the next "big thing" and if it involves eating,  drinking and making merry ….. well the better. Party and celebration have never hurt anyone, have they?

Let's focus on the celebrations invented here especially. Promoters and event planners are all over the place, up all night in meetings to decide on how best to make profits from the season. Opportunistic Entrepreneurs is how we referred to them in my Entrepreneurship class …. and you can't blame them, can you? I mean the economy is pretty tough and yet we also really
want to spend our money/ pocket money somewhere right? After all it is already clear what "All Work and No Play .." does to Jack/ John/ Jane/ Tom/ Dick/ Harry….what am I even saying? Anyway this way, we all win.... we find a way to spend our money and in turn, the entrepreneurs make their profits, right?

The teens recently had their very much anticipated annual "Buzz Teeniez Leavers' Rock" which is also a low-key fashion show/ let-me-show-off-my-latest-gadget event… (I had heard they had been promised that Nigerian songstress Tiwa Savage would be headlining the act but well, we both know how that one ended) ……………..and boy were'nt they excited! As they should too, because all of us know how
agonizing three months locked away in school and cut off from the more interesting outside world can be. So why not? A day hanging with all your friends from the other schools, watching A Pass and friends perform live, drinking bottle after bottle of Mirinda Fruity and Mountain Dew surely won't hurt a soul.

As much as the teenagers are excited though, you bet your bottom dollar(read: shilling) that excitement is nothing close to what the "Samsung Twitter Party" that will be at PanaMurder sorry … Panamera Bar and Restaurant has brought. Hashtags flying all over the social media platform with wardrobe suggestions, date requests, descriptive memes, you name it. It appears this will be the ultimate 'tweet-up' of the year. Twitter users introducing themselves by their handles, twitter crushes or that famous tweet that got 47 RTs in a single day. I hope those that attend shall have fun.

Over this past weekend, rumor had it "Africa's biggest musician" would be performing at another of Ug's malls in the names of Freedom City. Actually, this just hit me like the typhoon in the Phillipines because Davido was the last thing I was expecting to see in Uganda this year. Everyone is remaining tight-lipped about what transpired at the show but interior exclusives spell out that he is due for a collabo with Wayne Wonder, Chris Martin & Sisqo. I mean, I have friends that were home (read: Namasuba) that evening but had close to no sound coming from the mall. With all that said, he got paid & he's richer.

Midway through this about to elapse year, we were told that one Garfield Spence known by his alias Konshens, would be back in December to perform but one well-connected Trevor confirmed to us that he would be here to collect his National ID. Having not seen any publicity about his coming, I believe General Aronda Nyakayirima didn't issue Konshens an ID afterall.

As we anticipate the 31st of December, we could still check in at  Guvnor on 18th December to fundraise for a lawn mower for one Zari and for the more conservative ones, the Kabaka, Katikiro & Baganda will serve us at the Enkuuka ya CBS.  I know you think they might squeeze bricks out of us but if they do, we shall strike & they wouldn't want that. So, no bricks at Enkuuka. Let's just go & party with Sabasajja.

Talking Sabasajja & Buganda, that famous radio show on CBS, "Entanda Ya Buganda" is on and I intend to listen in tonight. I will be back when it's done or I let Elmer continue but then again, his Nakiva radio is already tuned in to "Cha Ba Sa" and his concentration span is alarming too. See yah!!!

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