Wednesday, 14 January 2015


A family fell in love with art. Art was deeply rooted in them from the parents, to their offsprings. Started with back covers for chairs & bags, they realised they could make money from art & design through embroidery. Cuffie Designs is an arm under Divine Cuffie. Hilda, Martin & Nicholas settled with this idea and saved themselves the hustle on Kampala's streets to look for jobs.

Cuffie Designs provides a wide range of cordinated clothing for both males & females; majorly shirts, T-shirts, Polos, round neck shirts, V necks & jackets of the best quality on the market. All apparels are in colors unique to one another, but will tickle all corners of satisfaction for the customer. Cuffie is all about 3 aspects;

1. Be Smart:
Cuffie Designs provides you the opportunity to be either casually or formally smart. Casual smartness isn't a myth as it is about general neatness. One should be & feel flexible in what they are wearing and be able to go anywhere, at anytime.

2. Be Stylish
Cuffie Designs embraces the idea of a stylish dresser. What one wears should be a style they are proud of, a style so fleek. Your style should be Cuffie. As long as you keep it simply Cuffie, your style is top notch.

3. Be Elegant
The thing with elegance is that it is an absolute standout. Elegance pronounces the grace that comes with simplicity. It represents a depth in taste of virtual decor & aesthetics. This is an aspect held in high regard when it comes to Cuffie. At cuffie, simplicity is key.

It is as hard as getting water out of rock to describe any of the above three aspects without using one to describe the other.

Cuffie boasts of clientele in Rotary Uganda, Namilyango College, St Joseph's Girls Nsambya, Capital Shoppers, UETCL, Hotel Africana, Q-Sourcing, the list is very long.

You can get to own one of your own of Cuffie Designs works at Capital Shoppers; both in Nakawa & Ntinda, Gallery Antique at Nakumatt, OP Clothing at Gatto Matto (Bugolobi) and Prunes (Kololo). For a lump some showcase, visit the Cuffie Designs shop on Equatorial Mall, Shop A8, Level 3 (L3).

Like all things magnificent, it's very simple. - Natalie Babbitt

Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication - Leonardo Da Vinci