Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Museveni stalwart, Tamale Mirundi went on to defy the English & French and labelled cliché as "kurriche." I am about to jump on one or the other because truly, there is a lot of mind freedom & rebuilding once one surrounds oneself with a positive environment. In this particular scenario, I was the observer & she was the "observee."

It was one of those Sundays where Bruno Mars' Lazy song had made it's way to #2 on my "Most Played" playlist and the slow turn of events saw me at a poolside. The breeze was on point, forcing it's way through my mind and taking all my thoughts with it; I couldn't even think of how the Asian skies had of recent started feasting on planes. The waitress served me a Guinness & this was just the start

Enough of this jibber jabber and onto the real deal. Something struck me; there was a girl at the poolside. It is always a girl anyway. There were things about her that literally blew me off my seat. She had those bedroom eyes, ones in which you would look and see your life ten years later. A well toned complexion as an addition to a 5'7 girl cannot go without mention. It is not on a daily that one sees a girl with a hip section articulated like an elliptical assignment in a Technical Drawing class, seated all by herself without a swarm on her. For a moment I thought I was at the East African coast checking out a mermaid but after one self imposed pinch, I discovered I was deeply rooted in central Uganda.

From my dimension of resolution, she was a digital citizen and couldn't help but swype on her phone while placing it in all alternate angles taking pictures of herself and her surroundings. I bet this was to keep up appearances in her 'Social Network' life and probably ascertain what boys usually tell her. It wouldn't need me Erick Rowan or Einstein Albert's IQ to decipher that she's put a nation on a leash swearing & bowing to her aura.

From the looks of things, she wasn't ready to get wet. It would have gotten slippery and off course in the long run. She was comfortable playing with both feet in the water while splashing it about. She got a little devilish and started letting a little water trickle down from her hands to her vest. Had she seen me getting free entertainment? This moment was nerve pulsating. My body system froze & did a reboot about 3 times in 12 seconds.

Actually, she had seen me and my eyes did the Judas Iscariot. I was nabbed "red-eyed," looking and couldn't help but wear a guilty  smile. She was so polite a damsel that she smiled back. I felt the urge to make my move. This is the juncture at which I was to stop feeling my knees. I didn't know what was joining my femur to the pelvis. Up until this moment, I don't how I got the strength to stand up and leave that area of pleasant torment but one thing is for sure, I can now feel & see my knees.

This was all in the name of extending courtesy, the same things the white man labelled as being "a gentleman." It would be so cowardly & rude of me had I just sped off. My only prayer in this whole moment was not to get a slap for being Mr Courteous, and I happened to maintain the temperature of my cheeks. There was no slap. I serve a living God. She had actually been hanging alone, so was I therefore mingling was the next thing in the agenda-an agenda that had written itself less than 4 minutes ago.

With what was ensuing, satisfaction writ-large on my face as the Sunday that had been slow had turned out quite fruitful and maybe in one of those few events, I looked forward to what Monday had in the plan for me.

Til next.....wait for it......