Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Not so many days ago, though quite a number, humanity, Ugandans inclusive, did maximise the opportunity to showcase the double faced race that we are. Many were buried in bars, others in lounges, some in prayer palaces, all ushering in 2015. Personally, I was getting wasted at a beautiful girl's birthday party in one of Kampala's immediate outskirt surburbs.

The happiness was so much that one would think this jubilation was to go on for the next 1000 hours. Alas! That wasn't to be the case. It was January 2015 that showed up. I'm more than certain even the January in God's calendar is a boring cliché. Nonetheless, I went against my own rules and made a resolution. That will be for a little later. Let me try to break down Jan in a little two.

Janu-worry indeed it was. Many people were looking in all crevices trying to find the pennies they could to send their kids back to school. Not that it mattered a lot and I have no kid, but I think there will be one in the pipeline not so much later from now. I can feel it. Well, that will be a story for another day. Money in the pockets, as common as snow in Kampala. Having a rolex a day was considered too fancy & the schedule had to change to three in a week.

Zar-nuary!! Zari Hassan; The Boss lady. She loves to address herself with more valor than Delilah from the bible. Ever since her failed attempt at emulating what made UCU famous in November 2013, rains & water have been as frequent as hair on M7's head. This is what has been of a January. It has actually been a dry month, not that there is or there isn't a direct connection to Zari.

It is with a huge sigh that I salute the coming of February. There is a lot of good coming my way. I think I upheld my end of the bargain with my resolution. I don't exactly remember what it was but I know I did good. I was elected best brother in the world. Just so you know, I had no competition but who cares, I have the accolade with me. As if that is not enough, there is this one girl that has been rarest in office but was elected " Employee Of The Month." Kickboxer Tugume would call that "anafeya," but up until I get to know the criteria used to elect, I will be playing scrabble while that document comes.

One month is done. There are 11 to go. Give the next your best shot!