Sunday, 15 February 2015


Dear Amoureuse,

Ever since you told me, "La Français est la langue des intellectuels," I pestered you teach me a little French and you didn't hold back. You make me..."Je ne sais quoi." Everything about you blurs my vision and slurs my speech. I am hopeful this is going to get you to undump me like was the case on the 14th.

Your glistening face warms me a great deal. I would love to have that back. I know you will welcome me back when you see my Valentine's day hamper for you. It was so heartfelt. Your love for flowers & the way the Geography of Uganda are set up, they got me thinking of how best to make you "flower-ily" happy. I picked a few hibiscus flowers from the garden at home last December when it was still raining, so I could not be caught offside in this hot month. I picked them specifically for you, to make you happy. You can thank me whenever.

Maybe it was because the raunchy scenes were rare so you walked out on me in our movie date, but I am sure without trepidation that the VJ Junior translated "The Fault In Our Stars" was perfect for us to bond. Maybe it was because my laptop screen was small. By the way, you never even tasted your drink. I am still looking at 3 litres of "Cola" flavored Jolly Jus and I promised myself not to taste it till you came back to me. I followed all the instructions to the letter and I can promise I am an expert at this. The Jolly Jus has a taste likening to that of the Wine Jesus formed at the Wedding at Cana. Talking about Jesus, I am currently listening to this song by Michelle Williams, Beyonce & Kelly Rowland, yes that one with one verse redone by all the three, and I believe Jesus has said Yes, you should get back with me.

Knowing that you love Sci-Fi movies, I am delighted to tell you that we can escort one another to that blockbuster movie where the scientists are explaining how to make 50 different shades just from one color, grey. Your guess is as good as mine, the movie is titled "50 shades of grey." How romantic is that for a makeup date!

Since you had said you didn't want to talk to me, I decided to whisper to you in this letter with hopes of getting back with you. Life is too short to dump someone on 14th February. 

P.S: They said we could carry back chicken from the theatre after the movie, therefore KFC money is saved! Don't say it yet...but I love you too!!

Your Naughty boy,