Thursday, 30 July 2015

Obama's Homecoming Part 1; Obama Lied.

He was coming.The neighbor's prominent son was coming home again. She made sure it was the worst kept public secret. She made posters, flyers, social media publication material and went to the extent of naming her great grand kids things like Air Force One, The Beast, in advance, all in anticipation of her son's homecoming. For all it is worth, she planted grass and expected it to grow under moonlight, to a specific level, and stay there, all to welcome this son. This excitement, by osmosis, association and photosynthesis, spilled to the neighbor. Ladies & Gentlemen, sons and daughters of our Ugandan forefathers, the President of the United States (POTUS) was to be hosted next-door. He was making his first visit to Kenya as POTUS; this you know very well and it was the news everywhere. Kenyans were self proclaimed kings and queens of Africa for almost 72 hours.

Growing up African, a child is raised by a village. We're all aware that when that famous 'representative' out of a village returned, they would go all and about greeting people. Oh yes, in their luggage, they're, by default, supposed to carry a few pleasantries for the old to honor the fact that they skipped tithe to raise your school fees. "Wait to call the cops.....yet!" I'm not certain who paid for POTUS' Havard education. There's that country pastor/preacher that can't wait to make noise about your 'triumphant' return and gloat about how they helped you even when not. Furthermore, while visiting the folks & neighbors, it is only fair you join them at table for a meal or two and maybe, you'll walk home with a sack-full of g nuts or mangoes or maize. It is only natural you stay a little longer than countable hours on the homecoming.

To matooke republic's innate, POTUS didn't deliver. The gods are not happy. He does deserve a well rehearsed beating, doesn't he? Ugandans have some of the most amazing and exploratory cuisines this continent can offer. There would be no harm in stopping at Mama Swaibu's in Kikoni for a meal, 'Hamis' or Kabodde's rolex e Wandegeya ku bitaala' or Shaka Zulu, or if you insist Piato Restaurant. That was a little rude. The basoga grow the best mangoes around, the Baganda from Butambala, well, gnuts and ginger rhizomes among others. In case he missed it, Ugandan magnanimity has gotten her global recognition. I'm certain if he had stopped by, Malia & Sasha would have loved what Daddy would have carried back for them. But no, he chose to fly away in a big bird. Pastor Kakande had acquired a stellar, state of the art automobile in anticipation of this visit, wanting to show it off but we can now envisage his pain. Maybe POTUS missed out on the blessings from the 'Man Of God' of the first third term ever in America!

Just like the Igbo were ashamed of Obi Okonkwo, according to Chinua Achebe's No Longer At Ease, maybe Uganda should have the same sentiment. It was such a lackluster show of camaraderie. Why didn't Kenyans remind him? It is safe to assume there wasn't a consentaneous medium of communication. As an African child that was raised by a community which treasured the idea of brotherhood in neighbors, I do believe POTUS lied. Maybe he is no child of Africa. Maybe he is. Is he really?

What you've read are a part of the things that keep me up at night playing sudoku. Till the next chance of unearthing thoughts, I will beg to go play a 9X9.