Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Cancer Run Katogo

The Cancer run is to happen in about 14 hours from the time I am picking my Kit from Lugogo. The year before, I had had a very brilliant idea. It turned out like Ernest Bazanye would have put it, bad idea. I was to spend the Cancer run eve having a couple of 'another ones' for the road, so I wouldn't have to wake up so early, in the cold but rather be up all night and get to Kololo Independence grounds in time. Let's say I don't ever want to go back there.

New year and my resolve for the eve is to only have my buds mingle with a hot rolex and one bottle of Guinness, sleep and wake up at 5:30am to go for the run. I am successful. It is all falling in place. The plan is to run a decent 10km in about 30 minutes (Towakana, Obama said I can.) Before I can even get set, I am handed the 'PRESS' tag. I am going to cover the run.

I am loving what I see and here goes.

Team Bad Idea

Even after explaining to them the plight with running under the influence, Team Bad Idea has many subscribers. By set off time, sweat is dripping all over their faces, debris at a construction site falls at a slower rate. Bravado writ large on this team. 20 metres were a myth. They are putting up a stellar performance of negative returns, something synonymous with Wayne Rooney in the Premier League.

Team Fresh

Ladies and gentlemen, I am not going to church this morning but looks like church has come to me. I am seeing seriously gifted great granddaughters of Sarah & Abraham here for a good  cause. The sight is heavenly. Thank God for my new job. I have to press on. I am taking the comfort of the event to make small talk and clearly, my boss isn't happy. I have to go back to capturing moments. 

Team Focus

There is always that Major Kakooza Mutale in a camp. While 80% or so are running for the fun, these ones are chasing Mo Farah, too little too late. Well, the run has to have winners, so I guess the shoe will fit after all. All gear for the event is on i.e water bottle, sneakers, head band like Lebron James, funny pants like the Celtics in the 1960s and obviously the blue kit.

Team 'We were there'

Maurice Kirya is right. We shall tell our kids that twaliyo. Will they need evidence? Yes. We have smart phones with complex camera settings to help capture the moments. Selfie! Selfie for me, selfie for you, selfie for everyone. 'Wait, let me get my pose right and make sure to capture my good side,' many seem to say. Trust me, these scenes are amazing, next to the aura the Rugby World Cup final commands. Some of these make the 'Fresh-We were there' intersection set.

Team Walkers

I am tempted to thank Johnnie Walker for this crusade, or maybe the white walkers from HBO's hit series, Game Of Thrones. While the majority of participants are up for running, these ones have decided to walk all the kms just fwaa. They are giving me excuses like they have run before and this time round, are letting others run. Someone tell these fraudsters that we are not organizing a 'Cancer walk' any time soon.

Team Tugabane

The event is no longer blue and neither is this about Airtel. Africell has made it rain orange. Their open access wireless network has people around their tent. Running shall take care of itself apparently. Everyone is posting that selfie on Instagram, updating their facebook, tweeting away live. Is Airtel even aware of this? Anyway, telling them isn't in my job description. Let me carry on with my 'cover of the run.'

Team Always Hungry

Well, these are to be present too. They seem to say,  "Since we are not to be at Mass any soon, there is no body and blood of Jesus for us." Luckily, there is too much food here. The BoU tent. The StanChart tent. The Africell tent, etc. They are eating like the enzymes and worms within have called a joint summit at the same time. No need to choke, crown beverages has PET sodas to give away. These aren't going to consume themselves, Team Always Hungry always comes in hand.

You came out in large numbers and supported a noble cause. It is only fair Rotary Uganda implores the Lord to bless you thousand-fold. See you all at the finish line of #RotaryCancerRun2016