Wednesday, 30 September 2015

TDA: Twaggwamu Dda Amagezi

The Lord told us he would come again. We are very optimistic. Maybe it's a trap. Maybe not. I doubt He wants to find this rot in our midst. Clearly, we have some clearing out to do. He hopes to find a renewed populace, souls as pure as they come, hearts as dazzling as Angel Michael's garments at the trumpeting of the Hallelujah Chorus.

A great deal share the ideology that this government is very rotten, so rotten, we should let its cultivators all turn to humus, and hope for a new dawn of hope. The cries ended prematurely. The TDA was born. The Democratic Alliance. The umbrella organization covering 'all' opposition with the goal of fronting one candidate to run against 'The Hat from Hogwarts.' However faint, there was a glimmer of hope. Just around the same time, JPAM was keeping NRM stalwarts on tenterhooks. NBS TV strode over NTV in covering stories that 'mattered.' Was it then? Was the government weakening?

What if JPAM really wasn't upto any monkey tricks? What if he really wanted to do away with the old and flag off the new? The tense and if-clause quickly changed and somehow Prof Tanga Odoi pushed him, inadvertently, towards TDA. The latter were as welcoming as the only house in a desert, by which travelers in a desert pass for a water refill. The TDA bigwigs beamed. Their joy couldn't stay on the inside. They had found an asset. The rules of nomination were bent, so as to accommodate JPAM. Everybody was happy. TDA issues mattered to non TDA subscribers more than they did to the TDA innate, well, apart from UBC.

The former PM & Retired Colonel presented their manifestos and formulae, with hopes of leading the alliance. The elections stalled, not once, not twice, one could argue that the whole process took longer than the gestation period of an elephant. The TDA conclave simply couldn't release any smoke. When all hope was waning, the alliance got back to the population. The votes were in favor of JPAM.

'The largest and most influential opposition party' i.e FDC, couldn't stomach the results. They wanted the doctor at the helm. They opted out of the alliance, and preferred an independent journey as a party. Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the whole idea of the alliance to sieve candidates and leave behind the chaff so as to present a democratically elected candidate, whom the alliance could rally against Professor Dumbledore in yellow? So, the alliance failed to respect the meaning of the 'D' therein, FDC failed to define the 'D' that's so pronounced in its name. Was there a guarantee that irrespective of who the opponent was, the doctor would emerge victorious? How many shots has he had at the silverware but always came short and gave excuses?

I don't intend to come off as one to call another incompetent but maybe the level of selfishness exhibited the Rtd colonel and his entourage is what they really stand for as well, rather than ensuring a bright future for this nation that's more than half a century old. TDA still exists, but one of it's strongholds and founders is out and running like a headless chicken, because it didn't pamper their hidden agenda as earlier hoped. Ngūgi wa Thiong'o lied. How can I not weep for this nation? What a shame!

People should 'count knowledge' in their voters.
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