Saturday, 17 October 2015

Another One???



Lewis Elmer has had a good time shoving his blogs into our faces this week, all because of something dubbed #UgBloggers7days. And because of that hash tag (#), I can comfortably say, it’s been a good week of the various readers and bloggers out there. Personally, am a reader, not a blogger! To the architect(s) of the idea, “gracious” to the many bloggers who participated, keep up the good work.


“Disclaimer: I’m trying something out here. Never written anything of the sort before…….” Blah blah blah, is what Asio Elma wrote at the end of her blog entitled “Scars”. That is something I should say, not her. That lady is surely no first timer. Bernard’s blog “Challenge Accepted” gave me an insight on what the frenzy was about, but being the reader I am- I could only sit back and await reading articles by the various Ugandan bloggers. A read through Lewis’ “Why Always Me: Amama”, Kemmy Kagumaho’s “Valley of bones” and Patricia Kahil’s “Kaleke Kasome” is simply a tip of the iceberg and I’m definitely sure there is more of that where it came from. By the way, I have no idea who these people are say for Lewis.


”So what next after the challenge?” is not a question I am posing, but this is an article by Ibrahim W.K, something that all bloggers who participated in this challenge should read and follow up. Personally, I am definitely doing what I have been doing….that is reading, for all of you who have been writing, get back to your papers and pens………


It’s been a year since I wrote the article above and stashed it somewhere in my confines. To have found it at this particular time of the year could be a sign that it’s not supposed to be kept but rather put out there for any readers. Time tells it all is a common saying, but is it really that? Has it all been told or are people seated on it. Have we opened books to read what has been told or are we simply perusing through the channels on our television sets with every day that passes by looking out for who wore what at the “grammys”, what mischief the Kardashians are up to, will Mourinho continue with his losing streak, or will Klopp be the manager Liverpool has been waiting for this whole time since, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the entertainment and drama surrounding the world at the moment.  Where has the reading culture the country had gone to? Where have the writers vanished off to? What has become of the nation?


In the course of the year, I got an opportunity to read a piece written by a friend, the only question I had for her was why she had not put it out there for other people, why was she suffocating her talent I questioned her and myself, what held back many people with potential to write, or even do anything, (kindly do ignore the numerous individuals who have picked up nomination forms to stand for presidency of this country, say for a few individuals). Luckily, she got the nerve to write and “my, oh my”, has she graced our eyes with beauty (her works I insist). So what are you waiting for, why have you not set out to pursue your God given talent? (By the way, don’t pause that question to me, am way ahead of you).


Today, I sit awaiting the possibility that we shall have another “#UgBloggers7Days” kind of affair, not only for the bloggers but for various personnel, something to inspire and remind the people to stand up and do something out of the ordinary, something to tickle their inner selves. Don’t worry though, there is a lot to write and read about; campaigns coming up, the country’s economy, the cultures (sadly dying out though), and etcetera. Let us pick a pen and jot down something, or let us pick a paper and read something.


“Adios but we want another rap”

 Guest Writer!!