Wednesday, 10 February 2016

#7DaysValentineSpecial Day 3 : Music Is The Real Drug

This is me trying out something new. *drops beat*

  "They say that distance makes the heart grow fond, this I do not understand, I love you more each and every day, and yet I cannot imagine if I would go through a day without you."

I think that saying should be tweaked a bit; absence does make the heart grow fonder but the way togetherness can get you set up……. Anywho, you've been how?

Of late however, I cannot get my mind as to what you are driving me towards, you have all over a sudden gone soft. How does one replace Major Lazer with Lionel Richie or Nicki Minaj with Diana Ross? Daxx Kartel with Richie Kaweesa? The love ballads have become a part of me, and as much as I look forward to Valentine’s Day, I think you are getting ahead of yourself.

Today, I woke up to Adelle’s “Hello” and Pink’s “Long way to happy”, do you think that reminding me of the sad times I have been through can amount to curtain raisers for an eventful celebration come Sunday. No, no, no ……. You very well know that Juliana made me hate Back Street Boys and any song by Whitney Houston will remind me of Alexa. I in no way mind about Percy Sledge’s “when a man loves a woman”, but did you know that R. Kelly’s “when a woman loves” reminds me of last year’s valentines. Vivian did love me for real. I am in no mood to accommodate reminders and therefore I urge you to be on your best behavior. Drake would nod in support.

Music, I might come off like one who is not appreciative of what you have given unto me, but that is not the case. You have been a cause for me to smile each and every day. You keep me alert during the course of the day, accompany me to and from my home, keep me company even in the most boring of days and yet you have the ability to send me off to bed when it is time to sleep. Chris Brown lied. You ain't the M7 tool, and you're loyal. I cannot thank you enough, and I am totally appreciative.

Today, however, I am calling unto you in advance to prepare for a weekend like no other, to many of us; the celebrations will be on Sunday, but personally, I need your services from the very word go; that is the end of Friday. I need to have a playlist that will cut across various genres as the day gets nearer. Saturday will definitely be an up and down night, but as dawn draws closer, definitely, soothing will do. "Pressure ya love ejakuba elinye"

To ask you to do what you do on a daily inadvertently sounds like an insult, but I only do this because Valentine’s Day 2013 is fresh in my mind. Playing Captain Dolla's then 3 month old "Emesse" was surely no way to get my night closed. What were you thinking? That was so hurried. You let the cat out of the bag, and apparently, she didn't. Figuratively and metaphorically, I was no longer sure. Maybe you were looking out for me. But please, have you’re A-game on this time round.

I look forward to our usual time together, but let us prepare well, this is 2016, and what can I say, the year has been good to me, 41 days in.