Friday, 12 February 2016

#7DaysValentineSpecial Day 5 : Half Time Break Up

What should I call you? My day one? What would I do without? Where would I be without you? I didnt, don't and never intend to be a dull boy. Thanks to you. You've been my go-to every other weekend. This contract love is really winning.

I met the first half of you when I was still a little boy. I mean, after watching Jay Jay Okocha, Ortega, Trezeguet & Zizou at the 1998 World Cup, falling in love was just a matter of time. It was imminent. We were kindred spirits. Match made in heaven. I have tasted one of your finest goodies in Manchester United. There and then, I signed up for Red Mancunian-ism. Joy, happiness, tradition, fun and freedom of expression. Everything you're about. Of late, there's a rogue nation after the glory. In a town called Leicester, on the street called Vardy, on the Mahrez-th block is the current HQ of this rogue nation but like Bebe Cool said, "Ndiisa Buti, sipapa." We'll be back when we want.

I share this love for you with many of my pals; so much so that we have a 5-Aside League every fortnight. I was told to assemble and captain a team but I retired very early and devoted my efforts to coaching the best team. FC Anchors are currently unbeaten and are comfortable on top of the log. I mean, how can you have Liz shouting in the stands and you don't whip opponents, huh?

The second half is one I met in familiar territory but ugly fashion. Watching Romano crush through opponents, Sailor run down the wing, Kimono bus through defenders, Aredo trying to sidestep, I knew the puzzle was complete. I had found the other half. The riff to my raff. Scrappy to my scooby. You sidestepped, broke the line straight to my heart, and scored a try of affection. A conversion of happiness was later confirmed.

Seeing the way my size is set up, I was designed for the stands and punditry. It's where I can manifest my love from. Don't get this twisted, it's hotter there than on pitch, but I love it.

The purpose of this letter, however, Sporty, is that I am calling off the weekend catch up. You see there is this date, on the date. When you meet the former, you'll know why I had to do this. I am trying out new things and I need this to go well. I know you wish the best for me, so you'll let me skip the 5-Aside League dugout, plus the rugby hot seat at Legends. I need to compose myself and sway this my way.

That only Yenaremu visionary who shall remain incognito said the mouth is for eating, and eating alone. I don't want to burn any calories shouting about. Valentine's day culminates into a great deal of eating. I hope to eat, for real. Neither do I hope to stand in sporting circles. I need to practice sitting until the actual need to stand comes, as the days winds up. With all the relaxation, I'll be ready and strong enough to stand.

Do you recall how Nathan Scott said bye to being a bad boy because Hayley James happened? Exactly. Can you do that for me? I'm ending us but we'll be on again. It's a halftime break up.