Sunday, 14 February 2016

#7DaysValentineSpecial Day 7 : I Got You. I'm Good.


When I set my eyes on you, I knew I would never look back, Trish. You said hello and my freshly wounded hurt mended up so fast. Your lips tore into a smile and I could see daybreak. The way you walked, I had to pick my jaw from the floor on more than one occasion. You came into my life, and made sense of it, like time, of clocks. I was a wanderer, running about like a headless chicken but the attraction I had towards you brought calm into my soul. A lady with of your charm, charisma, victorious aura, and above all wit, deserves all the best.

I sneaked up on you and saw how you are prepping for our evening away. I wasn't aware when God said He would make us in His image He actually meant to leave His exact DNA on earth. You're so pristine and not suited to walk this earth, bathed and covered in sin. Not artificially enhanced. You're effortlessly the African beauty. Your strong black hair falls gently on your shoulders, permitting the wind to play with it and hum to Michael Jackson & the Beatles. Right there is the best embodiment of gravity.

A glowing pair of eyes,  a testament that you're so aware of where you're headed. The light at the end of the tunnel. Roll them for me. Dazzle me. A forehead is the Almighty's addition to how beautiful you already were. Nature took one for the team and the dress you chose matches with the tuxedo. My "i"s finally located the dots. The dress perfectly makes out your body outline. Looking at you like that is equivalent to watching the Eiffel Tower make love to the Taj Mahal, in the Twilight, right from the Colosseum. It all spells paradise.

Just so you know, I am the chef for the evening. The menu is quite vast, for a dinner of two. You've always desired an exclusive treat, inspired by my culinary skills. You're in for the ride. I am not so good when it comes to wine (you've just been getting me acclimatized) so if my choice is a bit off, I am trying really hard here.

You're going to have my unwavering attention. I took care of any thing that may come between me and my wonderful evening. Everything has been put on hold because she that describes Immaculate in my life is what will matter.

I did the bit of picking out the music we could play while we enjoy the evening. Going Phil Classic I believe isn't a bad idea. A lady with class shall be treated with class. If you thought I was only well versed with Ruffian Vybz Kartel or Redsan, there's a soft side of me. I know you're an admirer of the works of Darlene Zschech and Diana King. I added that to our collection. I'm hopeful we'll have Christina Perri and Shania Twain to end our evening. If it does please you, we're going to dance to Chris de Burgh. I am looking forward to that part in particular. When I'll be just a breath away from you. Holding you so close in dance.

It's true what Radio said, "Wanzijja mu sapattu nendaba engatto." You're a lady of class. You got potential. We got potential.

I'll be expecting you.

Yours in ♥