Tuesday, 16 February 2016

#UgBlogWeek It Is Not The Apocalypse

Left, right and center, people are pacing. Why? Rightly so, it's decision time. It's time to entrust Uganda's next 5 years into the hands of one of 8. Calm down, their is life after that.

By default, tension is the order of the day. Opposition will be quick to point out any glitches in the electoral process. Which is their job as opposition. On the other hand, the ruling party will assure the populace that all is well. They too, their job. Rancholdas Samaldas Chanchad said, "Aal izz with well."

Many are fleeing Kampala anticipating it will be a war zone. Why would it be? Well, whereas we can't sit back and turn a blind eye to a few extremist times, we could combat them, ask for national accountability and ensure it doesn't happen again. Make yourself heard by casting your vote. Ask for accountability by watching over the electoral process.

If we condemn ourselves into a civil war, we'll gladly be walking back into the teeth of the jackals of the 1970s. I wasn't alive then but the literature and oral tradition about that doesn't inspire merry making. It wasn't a cause for a beer celebration. There's no reason for one to prepare for war, unless that very person wants to instigate and fuel disputes amongst countrymen.

I implore all and sundry to turn a deaf ear to the call of violence in this period. Rather, be the harbinger of goodwill. Observe peace around you that it will get so infectious, and find it's way into your neighbors. It's not the apocalypse. There is life after the elections.