Thursday, 10 March 2016

Rotaract Ladies At Work

It's a world not an ounce perfect. Many have all but dreams. The rampant prevalence of certain illness and diseases is all that some can brag about, sadly. Ranging from child and maternal health, to quality education, feminine hygiene, etc; all areas of concerns.

Throughout the year, the international community dedicates different days to commemorate several occasions, and remember different events. It so happens that the 8th March, is strategically set aside to adore the women in our lives, from the hour-olds to the elderly. All of them.

Rotary does respect and honor the international calendar and does commemorate this day as well, urging the ladies in its service arms and partners to champion change in their communities.

This Rotary year saw the birth of the Rotaract Ladies At Work, (RLAW) a project championed and engineered solely by lady presidents of different Rotaract clubs assisted by the ladies in all these clubs. This particular initiative was spearheaded by President Anitah Mukundane of the Rotaract Club Of Bugolobi.

Assisted by a host of lady presidents, they decided to address primarily the personal hygiene of the girl child. Something to celebrate the woman on Women's day. They took the premium edition of this drive to a remote village in Luweero called Mazzi, on Tuesday, 8th March, 2016.

With all the help garnered from within Rotaract in Uganda and in close partnership with Eco-pad acquired sanitary towels and distributed them to all the "of age" girls and women who were in attendance. Every single lady got the reusable towels. On top of acquisition, the Mazzi populace was sensitized on how to use these towels.

Everyone was euphoric. Happiness was killing people. I couldn't be more proud of these ladies. Anitah was assisted by lady presidents Sanyu Yvonne, Sandra Ayebare, Faith Flavia, Dama, Bridget, Joyce, Winnie Sherrie, Penninah, Gladys, Flavia Nampinga.

Still wondering how I got this data? Well, I happened to be one of the twelve gentlemen amongst a host of ladies at this project.