Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Suprise, Maybe Never Again


That's all he needed. Theo's boss had just acknowledged that he was done with the day's work. He gave him the the greenlight to leave office. It was a Friday. We'd all kill for a Friday with no work, or two hours only for the worst. Theo's day was "starting." It was still as early as 11:34am in the day. Theo was Head of the IT in a multinational Telecom company. He was about 6'3, with a broad chest and always kept short hair. He was the shy kind. He had walked into office in the morning donning a Cuffie Polo, a black of Denim jeans and Clarks over his feet. He clearly had other plans for the day. And now, he'd been set loose by his boss. He was surprising his girlfriend later that day.

Vivian was Theo's person of the fairer sex. He had always counted himself lucky getting her. She was a banker with one of the major players in the business in town. On Friday, she was never at office after 1pm. Owing to her regular gym schedule, she had a great body, an anterior that had gotten her employers more clients at an alarming frequency, her anterior had gotten her free passes at exclusive events and free drinks at the bar. Vivian had always said there was nothing spontaneous in their love. As usual, she was in her apartment on this Friday afternoon. She had company, that wasn't Theo. She had no idea he was in the lobby. Earlier than usual.

Theo had prepared for this surprise. He had gotten to her apartment aboard his BMW bike, with the helmet on. Safety was paramount. He looked through the glass and made sure he looked the best he'd ever. Theo waved at the security guards in the lobby and verily jumped into the elevator, headed for the fourth floor; the floor on which Viv's housing unit was. The elevator door opened moments later and he stepped out. As he approached Unit 421, he had an unusual sound. He convinced his mind it wasn't what he was thinking. As he opened the door, trying to surprise his lover, he got a surprise of his own. He wasn't ready for this one.

There was one last shudder and the two sweaty bodies fell to the carpet. Viv, had been in the hands of another man, and they had been riding up the peak of Mount Climax. Viv saw Theo and pulled a sheet over her naked body.

           "Theo, wait! It's not what it looks like." Viv shouted behind him.

Well scripted like in the movies. Of course it never is. He thought to himself. What am I supposed to think?

Her cries fell to deaf ears. He was already headed for the elevator. He had seen enough. As if the day couldn't get worse, the blaring thunder and flashy lightning had tampered with the electricity of the entire street. If he wanted to get to the lobby, he was supposed to use the stairs.

          "Perfect, just perfect." He mumbled.

He raced down the flight of stairs, through the lobby and he was gone before even the custodian could say a word. He fired his BMW into life and he was headed for Joshua's. The bar was approximately 127 metres from his place.

So convenient right now. He thought to himself.

He skipped the ritual pool table rounds and ordered a couple of shots to help himself forget that he had seen what was now his former lady making love, passionately, with another man. He regretted leaving office so hurriedly that day. He hated the fact that she hadn't smelled him. He had worn Coco Chanel just so she could already want to do things to him because he smelled well. That didn't matter now. He hated the supermarket where he had bought the fragrance. He detested everything around him. He hated Friday. He hated surprises. He would never attempt them again. NEVER EVER!