Monday, 6 June 2016

All Is Not Well

On the fourth day of the sixth month, a lot went down concerning the sports loving folk of the matooke nation. The football cranes were away squaring off with the Zebras of Botswana, whom they beat 2-1. Their rugby counterparts, however, were hosting bitter and next door rivals, the Kenya Simbas. The lines to get to Legends RC were longer than those made for Sunday lunch when chicken was being served in my primary school. Long and immovable. But then again, the game had to go on.

It's true. We had been playing the second string team for a while now and beating them was not a daily occurrence. Reportedly, the senior team had been off swimming in deeper waters and feeding on greener pastures. How low! In the unlikely turn of events, they spared time, came to Kampala to reclaim that was later the cause of our wailing.

The Kenyan Simbas roared onto the pitch and it's fair to say their Ugandan opponents stayed in the locker rooms. Barely a grip on the game and they had run in two tries and stamped their dominance on the game. The Cranes go their act together (If that is what we have to call it) but not for long though. A try from Uhuru and penalty from Makmot seemed to allow Ugandans eat their money properly. Not for long. Kenyans put the foot on the gas and ended the first half with a commanding 29-10 lead. The seconf half saw the inroduction of Eric Kasiita, a center with the Toyota Buffaloes, come in at blindside flank. What kind of phuckery!! Also, Makmot was replaced with Kobs' scrumhalf, the steamboat engine, Davis Kiwalabye. This looked like the pair to return sanity to the game but the Kenyans had other ideas. Inspired by playmaker Nato Simiyu at flyhalf, the Simbas look to have conquered Mt. Elgon and it is possible they will move it to the Nairobi if this weekend's 48-10 win is anything to go by.

It was a sad day for more than  debutants who had worn the national colors for the first time. It was even sadder for Captain Fantastic Wokorach, who was played out of position, and had also led out the troops for his 30th cap. Those that felt saddest were the fans that had to brave the not so spacious stands, the long queue at the gate and the fare, 10k.

Let me tell you a good story about UGX 10,000. For the University going students, that translates to 5 rolexes of the 2 by 2 nature, that's to say, 5 meals. Rugby being a very popular game in post primary institutions, vacists and school going children were in the stands. That simply means their saving and sacrifice game was so on fleek and they made it to Legends without breaking. Today, not all roads are ours, they are private. For a working class subscriber along these roads, that translates to transport fares on a Bajaaj so as to beat traffic and time combined. So, rugby cranes, your staying in the locker rooms and not facing Kenya was a major economic constraint.

A one Kagimu took to his twitter with a long tirade of what should be done for Ugandan rugby to blossom again and boy was he right! Old men retire from the national team and there and then pronounce themselves handlers of the national team, just because they have been there?????? There is no such guarantee. Coach Robert Seguya needs to be retired. Players are on record turning down national team call ups because of hid backroom conduct. At team announcement, we have never looked so thin with the backliners!

Let me try to set the record straight: the only reason Lubanga started at flyhalf was because neither Magomu nor Ijongat were available. He is not our starting #10. He was no match for Nato Simiyu. Even Kihumuro Rueben and Damian Kinobe of Mutoni Warriors are better than him at fielding. His poor kicking condemned us to at least three tries.

Who did that rendition of the National Anthem by the way? DON'T YOU EVER PLAY THAT CRAP EVER AGAIN!!!!!

Finally, I want to take this amazing opportunity to thank the NRM government and Eng Dr Badru Kiggundu for releasing the right results. NRM Tubonga Namwe.