Monday, 15 August 2016

#UgBlogWeek School Is Foundation

                   "My choices in school failed me. I mean the curriculum leaves a lot to be desired. It is so woeful in these things called schools." 

The afore mentioned statement is a squabble that many masquerade under when scaling to different levels of education in the Uganda setting. Much as that might be true, nothing stops a human's mind from churning and boiling for ideas, making use of what is before them to make a penny. Carpe Diem!

The subject choices from F2 getting into F3 do matter, to a small extent. The melodrama rises switching from the ordinary level to the advanced level, and then probably a tertiary institution.
But, I do believe one's hiccups in life are not to be blamed on school. The latter, though, has been misinterpreted as a spoon-feeding institution that is supposed to power on the elevator and get you to the next level with little effort from the would-be beneficiary. Load is maximum, effort is tending towards zero, and the resultant work is more or less nothing. Basic physics.

I believe behind all the curriculum and extracurricular arrangements, schools do teach two basic things; to create and to relate.

Just as a novice, the anthem is to have one's work make them standout. One cannot standout as a copycat. And the only way to be exceptional or different is to create something that's not anyone else's. Being cognizant of one's environment and status quo should be able to push one to create something for which they can be remembered. You're not born a footballer. Rather, "school" gives you the means to create yourself in the image of a footballer. Neither are you born a president, school avails you with the platform to take on leadership. I have seen boys with figures of Shamba boys get their act together, take to the rugby pitch. The beginning is never easy but with persistence, we have ourselves national team players. No names.


The old adage "No man is an island" is a very relevant realization in life. The best designer/artist in the world, the Lord Almighty, created man and didn't give him everything. He shared his gifts amongst each of His "man" creations. We are born into different worlds, and at school, these worlds become just one in which an amalgam of all our capabilities can see us succeed. School is supposed to help one understand and respect the value and rights of his neighbors and vice versa. A pianist, violinists and drummers will come together and form an orchestra. The first time I came into contact with a girl in boarding school in my senior one was a wonderful moment. We had a connection. I saw her in their bus, from the window at my bedside. Her back was towards me and their bus was speeding towards the mainhall but I knew we had something. That was spring. Winter came, I was the king in the North and untouchable when it comes to charming the fairer sex.

For all that it's worth, school made me know better.