Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Rugby Premiership Is Back

It's about the time again, when the Rugby premiership is on.

I say it with utmost pride that I am and will always be backing Heathens. Kobs did run away with last year's crown having taken care of other (small) teams, of course not Heathens, but the latter failed to take care of that business. The story was the same in the 7s series, but it couldn't last long as Heathens took home the Uganda Cup; actually defended it.

The new season is bringing with it a lot for the lover of the game, as well as the critic.

The critic will argue that Gulu Elephants do not deserve to be back after being disqualified towards the end of last season. We were fed with the story that they won the promotion tie. What a load of crap!? They weren't supposed to be playing that game for starters. Oh, Kobs just baptized them this past weekend and it will only get worse. I think the union owes them something that we ain't got no idea about.

ICYMI : Warriors were banned from Uganda Cup & Zeno "resigned" from anything rugby. Wuss!

The good stuff; V. Mose from Impala is going to be a joy to watch and Heathens faithful hope he'll gel with the hotstepper, Phillip Wokorach, to tear apart defenses. Heathens is bringing some fresh blood through it's ranks and sweeping out the aging bones wisely.

I have a special liking for Impis, because their fan base never lets them down however bad the results may be. Towards the end of last season, Tasiku burst into their starting XV and made quite the name for himself. They have a very promising back line if they can be able to stay away from the sick bay. Nsekuye, Oketayot, Ortega, Katuntu, Twaaha, Tasiku! Ball carriers and brains combined.

Rhinos got that oil money and have done bulky business but I remain skeptical. Did they buy for reinforcement or for the adverts? With all due respect, Oluoch & Ochwo are in the deepest evenings of their careers, unless they're on that coach-player arrangement. Byron Morgan is definitely a reinforment at barely 20 years of age, so is Stallone.

Warriors without their most consistent player last season. Zeno. Let's see how that goes.

Kobs; Whoever loves rugby in Matooke republic knows we've all missed Justin Kimono's surges down the wing. It would be wonderful to have him running down the flanks again. Aredo had better keep concussion free by the way. Also, Keith Seruyange needs more game time. He & Amolo are good for the wing.

Pirates are in process to move to a new home, and they have stayed together as a team for now more than 2 years; no subtractions, only additions. That team is going to be a good one to watch. Wanyama, Magomu, Bwambale, Musa, Egeru, Didi, Haruna, Kasozi!!

But then again, this is just me! Let's enjoy this season.