Friday, 20 January 2017

Half Season Backline

15. Joseph Aredo aka Red (Betway Kobs)
            In a season where the defending champions have had to bear with the loss of their midfield combination of Karekaho and Kalyango, Red has stepped into the leadership position for the backline of Kobs. In addition, he has taken the kicking duties and burden off purportedly less confident James Ijongat, doing that very well, bragging with the third best kick conversion rate in the league. Lest I forget, Red is the best defensive fullback we have in the country while on the attack……it is needless to mention his conquests in that area.

14. Keith Seruyange (Betway Kobs)
          Keith had a forgettable last season featuring for less than 200 minutes in total but he has enjoyed a lot of play time this tenure, condemning Emmanuel Ecodu to the bench and more waterboy roles. He has set up a beautiful combination with Joseph Aredo at the back and the two have stringed some of the most amazing moves leading to beautiful tries. Owing to his “village runs,” he has climbed up high amongst the top try scorers.

             (Keith Seruyange flies horizontal for Betway Kobs in the recently concluded Uganda Cup  Source : Kawowo Sports)

13. Vincent Mose (Hima Cements Heathens)
            He came on from Impala Saracens on a free transfer to Uganda Cup champions, Hima Cement Heathens, with less than a handful Ugandan rugby faithful aware of his existence and talent. But how the hell is he here on a free transfer?????? In a backline that has majorly missed the presence of the Wokorach boys and Lawrence Sebuliba, mostly away on international 7s duty, Vinny has taken matters into his own “legs” literally to steer the Heathens to the top of the log where they currently enjoy a cushion of 6 points of which they bully second placed Black Pirates.

12. Ian Munyani (Betway Kobs)
            It is meant to be almost unnatural to replace Captain Bakojja Oscar as quick as Kobs did it. And Ian has not disappointed. On the contrary, he has fit in the folly quite well, beating defenders and scoring tries with ease with his long body structure. He is a brilliant line breaker, try scorer, ball passer and Oscar should actually worried for himself and his former number. Ian has made sure he isn’t missed, like at all.

11. Baron Kasozi (Black Pirates)
          If Magomu, Wanyama or Haruna have had a woeful game, that is the end of Black Pirates’ hopes of salvaging a win. Well, that was Pirates script last season but the emergence of Baron into the backline ranks has wiped those tear off the Pirates faithful basing on his pristine displays down the wing. Baron introduced himself this season with a hat-trick of tries and did not look away from the big stage, following that up with more 5-pointers for his team. He has lifted the burden off Ivan, Conrad and now there are more ball players in that Pirates team.

10. Chris Lubanga aka Opa (Hima Cement Heathens) 
            Chris has been on the receiving end of mediocrity related backlash in the past with I, being one of the condemners. This season though, Opa has stepped up his game and looks a rejuvenated self in the heart of Heathens’ backline setting up his mates better and more pinpoint decision making. As far as fielding is concerned, he has taken a backseat whenever he has thought of himself as incompetent in a situation and let the youngsters Ofoiwroth and Oyet flourish. He also took on the leadership mantle from Michael Wokorach who was away for the greater part of the half season.

9. Conrad Wanyama (Black Pirates)
          Forget that short, stout, hard rock, livewire of a halfback that we had gotten used to last season operating alongside Ivan Magomu, this is a new version of Conrad. An upgrade. Fresh software. Prior to this season, Conrad would easily be found making hits and cleaning up like one of the locks but lately, he is more clinical and a cleaner player. Davis Kiwalabye is now in his shadow. How times change!

Bubbling Under:  Byron Atubikire, Daudi Ssemwami, Aaron Ofoiwroth, Kato Herbert 


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