Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Half Season Forwards

 1.     Pajob Edgar aka PJ (Makerere Impis)
It is amazing how much one can accomplish in a short time but with a lot of dedication. Edgar is testament to that. In an Impis team that has struggled to impress, oppress opponents and impose themselves as a contender, the bulldozer at the head of the pack stands out. He is a hard tackler, the best ball carrier in Impis and quite the force in mauls and rucks.

2.  Asuman Mugerwa aka Suma (Hima Cement Heathens)
While we thought the elimination from the 7s squad would demoralize the Heathens engine, he used it as motivation and ran back to gym (no surprises here) to ameliorate his game. Suma has had the best throw rates in the league amongst all hookers and his contribution to the already mountainous Heathens forward line does not go without recognition.

3. Brian Odong aka B.O.D (Betway Kobs)
Brian had arguably the best of years as regards rugby as we saw off 2016. After leading the master betters to a Nile Special League title, he went to lead the rugby cranes to assured Tier 1A participation with a very spirited display away in Harare. Handing over the Captain’s armband to Brian Asaba has only upped his game the more. He is a very ruthless tackler, a menace in the rucks and breakdowns and is not afraid to make a few runs himself where need be.

4. John Wandicho aka Dicho (Sadolin Mongers)
When he was overlooked for international duty in favor of Uhuru and debutant Oketayot Byron, the old man of the Entebbe house put frustration aside to work towards a revival of himself and it is fair to say, he is back, just like Arnold Schwarzenegger promised. The pitch in Entebbe is another nightmare on Elm street kinda story because of shifts that aces like Dicho put in to frustrate their visitors.

5. Charles Uhuru ( Toyota Buffaloes)
Charles Uhuru returned to the Kyadondo side’s ranks after a rather successful stint with the Canes at Kabras Sugar with Rugby 7s captain, Kasiita Eric, and what a revelation they have been for a formerly ghost working Buffaloes pack. Uhuru, as a jumper is one of the best to receive the ball at the lineouts, he breaks lines with a lot of Kiwi ease and lest I forget, one hell of a ball carrier too.

6. Brian Asaba (Betway Kobs)
He is by far the best blindside flanker the league has got to offer and it is not that he has no competition. Nope, he is a work horse. A power house among forwards. Stripping the Kobs’ armband off Brian Odong and vesting it on Asaba added unwanted insult to the injury that is his game. He is the talkative machine driving Kobs forward and putting in the nastiest tackles on pitch (Y’all should ask Conrad Wanyama about where Im going with this.)

7. Cox Muhigwa (Hima Cement Heathens)
It would be almost criminal to think about the dons of the league and not have Cox in the folly in their somewhere. It is such a beauty to have a multi-try scoring forward in ateam and it always a revelation to the backline who are always defaulted to come up with the five pointers. Out of his busy schedule stopping opposite attackers, defending, and being a menace on the breakdown, he soares high above among the highest try scorers in the league.

   (Heathens Flanker, Cox, on the lookout for potential passers-by. Source : New Vision)

8.  Marvin Odong(Black Pirates)
Dating back to his school boy days at Kings College, Budo, there was always something special about Marvin. Pirates greatly missed him last season when he made the infirmary his second home but ever since he wore the National Team colors, he has been a revelation. Every team needs a bully at the back of the scrum, an engine that doesn’t shut off in the face of external force. Marvin is just that! He dishes out handoffs like handshakes worth UGX 6 Billion. You do not want to be on the receiving end of Odong’s tackles. He is a tackle buster on top being a hard tackler.