Friday, 24 March 2017

The Esseza Foundation

Somewhere on your way to Kasangati from the Capital City, in a village called Magere, is a small shelter run by Anna Katuregye where in accordance with her aspirations, all kids here should a have a bright future and be able to achieve their goals. The Esseza foundation.

Anna started this home to help one mother and her little child, from Jinja district-Eastern Uganda, who at that time needed a brain surgery and head reconstruction due to a protrusion. The little child’s name was and of course still is, Esseza. After her procedures and healing, the little child mother, who had been raped at 13 passed on; prompting Anna to stay with the child and inadvertently start an NGO that takes care of children in similar situations and named the foundation after the child under her care, Esseza.

                (Anna and Esseza in the foreground with some of the people at the Foundation's shelter)

Anna’s and the foundation’s vision is to provide the light at the end of the tunnel for all children in life threatening conditions such as tumors, skin disorders et al. Adults are not an exception though. She has had to take many under her care after meeting them in helpless situations. Many have come to the home and have had operations; registering a good number of successes. Patrick, one of the older gentlemen at the home had a successful procedure and now stays around and helps with running the home.

                                                  (A young Esseza before her operation.)

I came into contact with this information and the home all thanks to the Rotaract Club of Bukoto around the time they chose to have a swimming gala fundraiser for The Esseza Foundation and got to go to Magere not so long ago to carry proceedings from the fundraiser to the home. The joy the children at the home exude is immense. They understand that life wanted to throw them into the deep end but with the emergence of Anna and the foundation, they know they will be afloat and okay in no time. 

                                                      (Anna and a fully recovered Esseza)