Monday, 15 May 2017

Local Rugby Is Almost Back

That had been a while. Ever since the culmination of the local rugby league, many of the revelers have been left hungry for any action, with the only option that of waiting for the International season to kickoff.

The games kickoff in June with a home leg against our next door rivals, Kenya, over the only landmark without controversy like Migingo Island, the dormant Volcano; Elgon Mountain. In the buildup to this game, the national team has already had two trial games in Kenya against Kabras, losing one game and salvaging a draw in the second.

The local rugby faithful were happy to learn of two more trial games; one against a Barbarians select side of the teams that use Legends grounds and other a select side from Kyadondo grounds, Kyadondo Barbarians a week later.

A number of revelers turned up for the Legends game with hopes of a sneak peek into what the Rugby Cranes hve been preparing to unleash for their games against Kenya, Namibia and the like. As expected, the Legends side was star-studded featuring huge names like Daudi “Muscle” Ssemwami, Alfred Karekaho, Nathan Bwambale, Keith Seruyange, Davis Kiwalabye, the three Aredo brothers i.e Erasmus, Gabriel and Joseph. In an interesting turn of events, Zeno actually missed the game, more than it did him, and he couldn’t spare a minute making his intentions of playing known. He stripped on for the Legends Select side.
Soggy was clearly trying out a few things in this game and his side comfortably led at Half time forcing the Legends team to tighten their team. In the second half, the crowd got to really the return of James Kimono, Solomon Okia and Ramathan Govulle. The latter was a breath of fresh air on the wing, beating defenders with so much ease; the kind of ease Kellyanne Conway brushes off Anderson Cooper.

There were concerns from the crowd, who realized a number of flaws in Soggy’s team. He tried out Scott Oluoch at Inside Center, where he looked so lost and not influential. The flankers and locks didn’t really turn up for the game. For a nation that prides in a defensive game, a national team conceding 4 tries in a trial game was not a good sign but there is hope for improvement.

Now, we look forward to the game against the Kyadondo Barbarians, Elgon Cup and Tier 1A ties.